Your 2013 Dallas Restaurants Bucket List

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So Elise, I must prescribe Tex-Mex. It pains me to say it -- especially since tortilla bloat and frozen margarita hatred make it hard for me to enjoy many of these restaurants -- but there's a well-worn path between DFW Airport and the more popular Tex-Mex restaurants in Dallas for a reason. Ask any Dallasite what they crave after an extended period away, and they'll tell you it's Tex-Mex. El Ranchito in Oak Cliff does a good job of folding enchiladas and fajitas into a menu filled with authentic Mexican food, and if you have your own favorite you should visit it too.

Don't worry about the steakhouses (you'll find better ones where you're headed) but there's something special about the sushi scene in Dallas. Low real estate costs and an excess of disposable income, along with a nearby international shipping hub give us access to some really amazing seafood. Sure, you'll find the same high quality in New York, but you'll pay (oh, will you pay) through the nose to eat it. Dallas' sushi scene is as humble and approachable as it is very good. When you sit down to a $26 tuna roll in Midtown you will miss the sushi here, as much as you miss refried beans. I'd suggest Teppo and Tei An for some of the best the city offers.

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