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Your Favorite French Fries in Dallas

Burgers get so much attention that the french fries served alongside them seem to get a cursory mention at best. That's a shame, because when cooked properly they are probably the most delicious way to eat a potato. When the insides are soft and pillowy, the outer crust has a little snap and the plate arrives wafting aromas of cooked potatoes (not oil) you know you're in for some good fries. If they're served with malt vinegar or a creamy aioli or mayonnaise they're even better.

We asked fans of our City of Ate Facebook page where the best fries in town could be ordered and the answers were all over the map. Outliers with only a single vote made up half of the total tally, and many restaurants only received two votes. To make some sense of the mess I got rid of the outliers and made a pie chart with the rest. There are three clear contenders for most popular fries in Dallas.

Snuffers and Burger House were to be expected. They've been dominating popular french fry votes for years and earned numerous Best Of Awards here at the Observer. Wing Stop caught me off guard, coming in second. I thought the Troy Aikman endorsed restaurant was known for its wings, not its fried spuds. Of course McDonald's received enough votes be statistically significant, so you might want to take the whole list with a grain of salt. Still, some of the single vote restaurants have some really good fries.

Off-Site Kitchen offers up some simple fried spuds that will have you digging into the bottom of the paper pouch they're served in. The Grape sells a hand-cut version that belongs with every order of mussels they serve.

Micheal Preble mentioned duck fat fried french fries at Brewed in Fort Worth

Radha K. Daswani says that Pollo Campero fries are good even when they are cold!

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