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Your First Look at Bonchon, Dallas' New Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant

This week Dallas got a new addition to its fried food repertoire with the opening of Bonchon, a Korean chain specializing in fried chicken and beer. Bonchon opened in Korea nearly 12 years ago and has since spread to 70 restaurants in Southeast Asia and 30 in the United States, mostly along the East Coast and in California. The new location, on Greenville Avenue, is the first one in Texas.

Bonchon specializes in fried chicken in the form of wings, drumsticks and strips, with either a spicy red chili sauce or a soy-garlic sauce. Order sizes range from 10 wings or strips for $10.95 to 40 for $35.95, and there are various-sized combos of wings, strips and drumsticks.

Along with the crispy, sticky, sweet fried chicken, Bonchon offers more recognizably Korean fare, like bibimbap ($8.95), bulgogi ($17.95) and seafood scallion pancakes ($14.95).

A lunch menu lets you mix and match wings, drumsticks and strips with a side for $8.95. Traditional sports bar sides like French fries appear on the menu, along with kimchi and kimchi cole slaw. The pickled daikon radish cubes may be the best side dish for cutting through the intense heat of the chicken.

Bibimbap with spicy chicken ($10.95 lunch special). *****

Chicken strips with kimchi coleslaw ($8.95) and pickled radish ($1.95). *****



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