Your Map(s) to Fried Heaven at the State Fair

If you're going to the State Fair of Texas, it's a given that you have to try the fried bubble gum and fried salsa and definitely obviously the fried buffalo chicken in a flapjack on a stick, plus all the other fried foods that were Big Tex Choice Awards finalists. And extremely conveniently for us all (inconveniently for our hearts), the fair visitor's guide always includes a map that points out where all this year's Big Tex Choice Awards finalists are located. It's the fried food-lover's map to happiness.

But, those eight finalists aren't the only vendors with delicious new fried food offerings this year. So, we made a companion map of eight more fried food spots you absolutely must definitely check out in addition to this year's finalists. Seek out these places while you make your friend wait in the two-hour line for that fried bubble gum.

Eight More Fried Fair Foods You've Gotta Try This Year:

1) Fried biscuits and gravy Location: Belgian waffle stand on Grand Avenue

2) Fried praline sweet potato poppers Location: Cotton Bowl Plaza at the pizza and nacho stand

3) Heavenly deep-fried brownie Location: Grand Ave near the Chevy stage next to the cotton candy stand

4) Fried ribs and fried banana pudding Location: BW's Famous Fried Ribs at food court in the Tower Building

5) Fried pecan caramel candy Location: Barrera's on the Fun Way

6) Fried chicken skin and fried cake balls Location: Midway at Eat Crispies

7) Fried bread pudding Location: Island Spot, First Avenue across from Old Mill Inn

8) Bellini with fried peach garnish Location: The Dock restaurant inside the Embarcadero building

Let the fried games begin. Good luck and fried godspeed.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.