Zoe's Kitchen Close to Taking Over
Old Zinsky's Location

A spokesperson for Zoe's Kitchen says the Mediterranean-inflected fast-casual spot still hasn't closed the deal on the space recently vacated by Zinsky's.

"We are just in the process of finalizing the deal," e-mails Beth Floyd, who added the chain hopes to complete negotiations by tomorrow.

Zinsky's, which styled itself as a traditional deli with a few untraditional porky touches, lasted just one year at Preston Royal Village. Menu tweaks and portion size adjustments failed to please exacting deli fans, who faulted the restaurant for sub-par service, inconsistent quality and disappointing matzah ball soup.

According to Zoe's Kitchen's website, the Alabama-based chain is following "a strategically aggressive growth model." There are now 21 Zoe's in seven states, including three in the DFW area.


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