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The Dallas Morning News Contorts Itself Hating a New DA. Ouch!

8 hours ago by Jim Schutze
After my own lengthy and exacting legal analysis of positions taken by The Dallas Morning News editorial page on official actions and decisions by newly elected Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot, I have come to the following learned conclusion, which I think should be published in a legal journal,...

Quiz: Guess the Concert These People Are at

8 hours ago by Paige Skinner
Do you like quizzes? Knew it. Do you like quizzes where you take a stab at stereotyping people? Also knew it. We put together a quiz for you — our readers, whom we love so dearly — to guess which concert people are attending based solely on a photograph. Sometimes...

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Taking Back Sunday, Buddy Guy and More

8 hours ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Celebrating 20 years as a band, post-hardcore band Taking Back Sunday plays two shows this weekend at House of Blues – Sunday's set, which will either be 2004’s Where You Want to Be or 2006’s Louder Now, will be determined by a coin toss. Buddy Guy also tops the week's shows...

Under a New Chef, José’s Upscale Mexican Fare Has Leveled Up

8 hours ago by Brian Reinhart
José didn’t have to improve itself. The Park Cities crowd quickly adopted it as a favored Mexican food destination, and once the Park Cities crowd likes a restaurant, it doesn’t need to serve good food to keep their attention. José could have coasted for years by riding the pocketbooks of older Anglos with...

Daddy Mac’s Fried Chicken Sandwiches Are a Treat — and a Deal

8 hours ago by Dalila Thomas
Daddy Mac's, an Oak Cliff chicken spot that recently opened a second location in Trinity Groves, is serving over-the-top fried chicken creations, and the prices are definitely right.

Yoshi Will Come To Your Car and Fill Up Your Tank

8 hours ago by Brad LaCour
Filling up your gas tank has gotten a little easier in Dallas. The California-based company Yoshi offers a delivery service that pumps gas into your parked vehicle while you’re taking care of more important matters in your day. Yoshi has expanded to over 20 metro areas since forming in...

Dallas Considers One of Nation’s First Diaper-Changing Station Ordinances

8 hours ago by Stephen Young
Over the last half-decade or so, Dallas has mostly slowly but surely done what it can to make itself a more egalitarian city. The City Council passed a comprehensive LGBTQ nondiscrimination ordinance, gone as far as Texas law allows with regard to marijuana decriminalization by implementing cite-and-release and required city...

The Firehouse Theatre Performs Their Shows in a Repurposed Firehouse

8 hours ago by Monica Smart
In 2011, a community group with a strong desire to promote and support theater arts got together and founded The Farmers Branch Community Theatre. Now in their eighth season, they are known as The Firehouse Theatre because, well, they perform their shows — which are mostly musicals — in a...

Deep Ellum Bar Closed for the Weekend After Bartender Arrest, Social Media Fury

2 days ago by Stephen Young
High and Tight Barber Shop and Bar in Deep Ellum is closed for the weekend, according to its owners, following two days of social media rage against the business following an alleged assault by one of its employees on Thursday. The bar's owners announced the closing in a now-deleted Facebook...

Best Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend

3 days ago by Paige Skinner
Friday Dallas is having a WaterFest, which which sounds a bit like what Fyre Fest tried to be. There will be a rooftop pool, downtown views, DJs, (inflatable) yachts, (inflatable) planes, (inflatable) helicopters and (inflatable) jet skis. That's just night one. On Friday starting at 6 p.m., Michael Jerome and...

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