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Texas’ Primary Looms a Week Away. Is Dallas County Ready?

13 hours ago by Paige Weaver
When voters in Dallas County head to the polls for Texas’ March 3 primary, they’ll be using a new electronic system to cast their ballots that’s designed to combine the ease of electronic touch-screen voting with the security of paper ballots. But recent research has shown that the type of...

Leap Day Is Saturday: Here’s the Extra Day in Food

13 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Every four years we get one extra hustle around the sun. Mostly, it’s on a weekday, which means maybe we're getting an extra day out of our salaried souls. But this time around, it’s a Saturday. This is truly your extra day! Plus, we won't get another chance to do...

Parkland Hospital Is Hiring Community Health Workers to Fix Health Disparities

13 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
For months, Parkland Hospital administrators have been touting a new focus on tackling health disparities in Dallas' poorest ZIP codes. Now, they've released details about how they'll do it. The hospital is hiring community health workers and plans to deploy them in southern Dallas to help fight heightened mortality rates,...

Dallas’ Fight Over Granny Flats Should Look Familiar

13 hours ago by Stephen Young
The basic outlines of the argument could have been surmised from any number of Dallas City Hall disputes that have gone down the last couple of decades. One faction on the City Council wants to do something that they believe could — maybe, they aren't really sure — do something...

Dallas’ Brief Experiment with Afternoon Council Meetings Appears Over

13 hours ago by Stephen Young
Two years after pushing one of its weekly meetings to the afternoon to better accommodate residents who can't easily get off work on Wednesday mornings, the Dallas City Council is one step away from moving all of its City Council meetings back to their traditional 9 a.m. start times. Monday,...

Jessica Simpson and the Erasure of the Dumb Blonde Era

13 hours ago by Simone Carter
According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the Year of the Rat, a time of wealth and abundance. It’s also shaping up to be a time of redemption and retrospection for North Texas megastar Jessica Simpson, who joins power blondes Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton in setting their demure (dare...

Paula Poundstone, the Jazz Soloist of Stand-Up, Comes to Dallas This Weekend

13 hours ago by Danny Gallagher
There's no secret formula to Paula Poundstone's comedy. In fact, there's not really any kind of formula to it at all. She just goes out on stage, talks to the audience and finds material in the moment. She trusts that every crowd will give her something funny to work with,...

Oak Cliff Veteran Chasity Samone Graces Playboy’s First-Ever ‘Equality Issue’

13 hours ago by Ryann Gordon
There’s something titillating about a badass, admirable woman baring her breasts with confidence and pride. Throw in veteran credentials and political activism, and you’ve got a person who could rule the world. Born in Oak Cliff to a Baptist family of 12 children, Chasity Samone's rise from “rebel child,” as her...

The Novel Apartments in Deep Ellum Know the Art of Fitting In

13 hours ago by Alie Dinger
The Novel Apartments in Deep Ellum are the second of their kind in Dallas. Owned by Crescent Communities, the Deep Ellum edition of the Novel falls perfectly in line with the area's artsy spirit by employing local artists, who in turn depicted other local artists. The building's dark, sleek look...

After 20 Years, AllGood Cafe Adds a Cheeseburger. Is It Worth the Wait?

13 hours ago by Nick Rallo
It’s been 20 years since his restaurant opened, and Mike Snider is just now finding the room for a cheeseburger. In 2000, he held a “restaurant shower” — the community showed up with booths and tables and slices of tile that were headed for the dumpster, because Deep Ellum adapts...

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