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Bonnengate Latest: House GOP Caucus Chair Steps Down

2 days ago by Stephen Young
The first shoe in the case of Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, the Tea Party activists and the secret meeting has officially dropped. State Rep. Dustin Burrows, a Republican from Lubbock, is no longer the chairman of the Texas House's GOP caucus. Burrows, the third man in the meeting between...

Melios Brothers Char Bar, the 50-Year-Old on Lower Greenville, to Close in a Month

3 days ago by Nick Rallo
The Melios brothers are too busy to chat right now. Toast is halved and buttered as fast as hands can move them. The dishes, heaped with crusty hash browns and over-easy eggs, clatter as they drop on the counter. Mike Melios is facing the griddle, skinny in a white shirt...

Music News: J Balvin and A$AP Ferg Headline This Week’s Concert Announcements

3 days ago by Jeff Strowe
Things are a little slower this week in terms of concert announcements. But dig a little deeper and you'll find that what's on the docket are some nice, unique additions to the Dallas live music palette. Read ahead for the details. J Balvin, the beloved Colombian reggaeton singer, is coming...

Take a Look at Dallas’ New Santos Rodriguez Memorial

3 days ago by Stephen Young
Forty-six years ago, Dallas Police Department Officer Darrell Cain murdered Santos Rodriguez. Dallas is finally getting closer to building a permanent memorial to the slain 12-year-old. Cain killed Rodriguez in the back of a police car on July 24, 1973. He'd picked up the preteen, along with his brother David...

Bar Owner at The Nines Blasts Soothing Music so Deep Ellum Can Calm the F Down

3 days ago by Brad LaCour
As you shuffle into the Deep Ellum streets, escaping the lights announcing the arrival of bars' closing time, you might notice a rather soothing melody following you. Don’t be alarmed. The music’s not an auditory illusion brought on by that unwise mix of Jäger with cough syrup. It’s just Ellum...

Cut Throat Finches’ New Concept Album Finds Hope in an Imagined Tragedy

3 days ago by David Fletcher
Fort Worth band Cut Throat Finches' new concept album In Event of Moon Disaster is centered on an idea imagining that NASA astronauts made it to the moon, but never made it back home. Making an album with this image as the central, driving concept took more than just historical...

Fly into HG Sply Co. Dallas for an Aberfeldy Cocktail to Save the Bees

3 days ago by Susie Oszustowicz
HG Sply Co will offer a bee-saving scotch cocktail through August 31.

Toller Patio Bar + Kitchen Aims to Be a ‘Backyard’ on Ross Avenue

3 days ago by Taylor Adams
At 3700 Ross Ave. sits a sad version of what was once the Dallas ISD Administration building. Cross the street from there, though, and you’ll find a small parking lot, then a large space filled with color. Toller Patio Bar + Kitchen opened last week, giving Dallas — especially Bryan...

Chefs Work to Support Colleague Reyna Duong After Medical Emergency

3 days ago by Taylor Adams
It seems for Dallas’ restaurants, when someone in the industry needs help, others rally around them. We just saw this for Josh Bonee last month. Now, chefs are raising money and working to support chef Reyna Duong. A week ago, the chef of Sandwich Hag in the Cedars was taken...

Bware Sparks Is a Millennial Muralist With a Multidimensional Canvas

3 days ago by Ryann Gordon
In his native Mexico City, Bware Sparks often envisioned he'd one day become an architect. After dropping out of college in 2011, he believed he'd failed and fallen into a category of minorities trying to succeed based on a shiny American dream. His love of art, though, led him to...

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