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Dear Dallas: A Great Band Came to Town, You Missed It, and They Felt It

4 hours ago by David Fletcher
Dallas, we have a problem. Portland’s genre-smashing, horn-driven intergalactic glam performance band Lovebomb Go-Go landed at Three Links in Deep Ellum on Wednesday in the middle of a cold, wet February night to give us a nova blast of sound before heading east to New Orleans. You weren’t there. About...

Housing, Food Insecurity Plague Many American College Students, Study Suggests

12 hours ago by Silas Allen
Nearly half of America's college students don't have a safe, affordable and consistent place to live, and nearly 4 in 10 don't have reliable access to food. Perhaps most troubling, 17% of the nation's college students were homeless at some point in the past year. Those are the conclusions of...

This Weekend: Drink Wine in Northwest Dallas, Make Bread in Bishop Arts, Learn about Pizza Downtown

12 hours ago by Taylor Adams
If you’re looking to learn more about wine, particularly the jammy or peppery varieties, Pappas Bros. is having a tasting this Friday. Explore some of their favorite syrah and shiraz glasses to find the ones you like for yourself. What: Exploring Syrah and Shiraz When: 6-8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 21...

Chapulines: Is the Grasshopper Protein of Oaxaca the Future for the Rest of Us?

12 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
You might want to start getting your head around the idea of eating insects as a source of protein. If one were to earnestly break down the differences between eating, say, beef from a cow raised at a giant feedlot and a small grasshopper, any heebie-jeebies toward the latter might...

Upscale Dallas Seafood Restaurant Water Grill Closes Its Doors

12 hours ago by Brian Reinhart
The season of Dallas-area restaurant closures isn’t over yet. Earlier this week, Water Grill, the seafood spot in Uptown, shut down operations. A chain based in California, which prided itself on sustainable and ultra-fresh seafood, Water Grill drew local praise for its beautiful dining area, including a copper-topped bar, leather...

Responses to the ‘Leaning Tower of Dallas’ Meme Include Petition for World Heritage Site Status

12 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
On Sunday, an 11-story tower off Haskell Avenue was the subject of a failed demolition implosion, and as a result, it inadvertently became a new landmark and internet sensation colloquially referred to as the “Leaning Tower of Dallas.” On Monday, one of the below pictures of a Samoyed dog posed...

Gun Control Groups To Drop Millions into Texas 2020

12 hours ago by Stephen Young
Late last year, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, never one to be mistaken for a moderate, struck perhaps the most conciliatory note of his political career when he said he supported closing the so-called "gun show loophole" and mandating background checks for all gun sales between strangers. Wednesday, a coalition...

Justin Frazell Revisits Texas Country and Red Dirt Through Live Talks with Revered Guests

12 hours ago by Kelly Dearmore
Many fans of Texas country and red dirt music will recognize some key figures who give life to the music they love so dearly. The unmistakable voices of Jack Ingram, Robert Earl Keen and Randy Rogers are universally revered, and they've soundtracked our lives for over two decades now. But...

Does Gentrify Have to Mean Crucify, or Will Dallas Neighborhoods Survive?

12 hours ago by Jim Schutze
“Reform Dallas,” a Facebook group I’m still trying to figure out, lit up for a while this week with a provocative post that started out, “I see a lot of people who despise and rally against gentrification.” The post went on: “My question is how do we organize and improve...

Budget Bites: Good Ramen Isn’t Cheap, but Wabi House Has a Lunch Deal for Noodle Cravers

12 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
It’s not hard to find a good ramen joint in Dallas. There’s probably a ramen shop within walking distance of your apartment. Contrary to the stereotype, though, eating ramen every day may burn a hole in your wallet. Sure, you can buy several blocks of Maruchan ramen for 25 cents...

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