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Dallas Restaurants and Bars Pay Homage to the Leaning Tower of Dallas

9 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Everyone loves it when the underdog, the little man — the old and forgotten — takes one on the chin and keeps standing. The city, and possibly world, have developed an odd and curious fascination with this elevator shaft and it’s little wrecking ball sidekick. It’s an ode to endurance...

Sad Boy Icon Morrissey Has a Vegas Residency, and I Have a Problem With It

9 hours ago by Diamond Rodrigue
“When can you have that Neil Diamond story in?” my editor asks as I begin to leave the office at the end of the day. She sighs after making the tired mistake. “I mean, the Morrissey one ... I think Vegas and I think Neil Diamond.” This pretty much sums...

February Didn’t Seem to Slow Dallas Restaurant Closures

9 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
While Dallas is home to many great restaurants, sometimes it’s hard to stay afloat. This month we saw the closures of several Dallas-Fort Worth restaurants, many of which came as a shock. Here are some local bars and pubs to which we said goodbye in February. Burger Street East Dallas...

Jack in the Box Has Tiny Tacos, and We’re Here for Them

9 hours ago by TC Fleming
Logically, we really shouldn’t feel any differently about small food than we feel about normal-sized food. It’s not like we eat food whole. With both, you’re taking the same size bites. The makeup of those bites is the same. And yet, if there’s sliders on the menu, then I want...

Dallas YouTube TV Subscribers Hit With Sports Blackout

9 hours ago by Stephen Young
The notices began filing into YouTube TV's subscribers' inboxes Thursday morning, just after, or just before, the streaming TV service sent out a preemptive tweet. "Starting February 29, 2020," the email's third paragraph read, "you will no longer be able to watch live, on demand, or recorded content from your...

Closing Arguments Set in Trial of Man Implicated in Shavon Randle’s Death

9 hours ago by Stephen Young
Shaquana Persley, Shavon Randle's mother, told jurors Thursday that her daughter had just celebrated her 13th birthday with a hotel pool party, two days before she was kidnapped, shot and killed in an alleged post-drug robbery revenge plot.  "They had some fun," Persley said, smiling as she remembered her daughter,...

Music News: The Weeknd, The Black Keys and Judas Priest Highlight This Week’s Concert Announcements

9 hours ago by Jeff Strowe
As the Leaning Tower of Dallas awaits its final demolishing, a Dallas news oddity will soon come to a close. Time to get back to focusing on all other things local, like the Dak Prescott contract negotiations, the new restaurants in Trinity Groves and the ubiquity of Michael Bloomberg-for-president ads...

Wanted in America: A New Book Collects Fort Worth ‘Wanted’ Posters

9 hours ago by Karen Gavis
Pickpockets, prostitutes, robbers and vagrants fill the pages of a recent book by TCU Press, the publishing house at Texas Christian University. While they may sound straight from the pages of a Charles Dickens novel, the cast of characters in Wanted in America: Posters Collected by the Fort Worth Police...

Paragraph Taylor Will Play in 3 Tribute Bands in 1 Night, While Completely Sober

9 hours ago by David Fletcher
On Friday, March 13, Gas Monkey Live will host something they are calling "Freakers Small," an event that will host seven bands, five of them tribute bands and three featuring one man, Paragraph Taylor, whose tendency to ... embellish ... his words earned him his moniker. You might have heard...

As Public Charge Rule Goes Into Effect, Disinformation and Fear Have Biggest Impact in Texas

9 hours ago by Meredith Lawrence
The new federal public charge rule took effect temporarily this week, significantly expanding the number of factors immigration authorities weigh when considering green card applications. While the new regulations will absolutely affect Dallas area green card applicants, immigration advocates caution that the rule applies to a very small number of...

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