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Your Dallas Coronavirus Update for Monday, March 30

11 hours ago by Silas Allen
State and federal officials are setting up a pop-up hospital at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in downtown Dallas to help expand the number of hospital beds available as the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to grow. During a news conference Sunday, Gov. Greg Abbott said the...

How Brown Bag Provisions Opened Just Before the COVID-19 Pandemic and Is Staying Open

12 hours ago by Taylor Adams
I first went into Brown Bag Provisions on my birthday. Which was March 17. Which was also the first day Dallas restaurants were closed for in-house dining. But at this Design District establishment, which opened March 9, things were still busy. Sure, people were getting items such as a stellar...

9 Local Acts Livestreaming Concerts This Week

18 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
For DFW musicians, the COVID-19 grind is in full effect. The bars have closed and shows have been canceled, so their revenue has been slashed. But that hasn't stopped them from trying to supply the world with live music. Many acts are turning to livestreamed performances to keep fans happy...

The Way We Were: The Best Reality Shows Based in Dallas

18 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
While actual reality seems doomed to hell, we are all stuck at home binging on reality shows (like that trainwreck Love Is Blind) and true-crime documentaries like Tiger King. But what about shows that take you back specifically to Dallas? You know, that city we used to know and love...

Ticket Scalpers Are Pushing for a Bailout. They Should Try Justifying Their Existence First.

18 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
Remember Matt Colvin? That guy from Tennessee who saw an increased demand for hand sanitizer, surgical masks and disinfectant wipes, and decided to stockpile them and flip them for a profit? Remember how he was initially without shame at having taken on such an endeavor, so much that he agreed...

Good to Go: Homewood Searches for Answers for the Restaurant Industry and the Farms That Depend on It

18 hours ago by Brian Reinhart
Within days of the coronavirus landing in Dallas, Homewood had a plan to help not just itself but its suppliers. The restaurant is serving family-style meals to go in enormous bags, and it’s also selling boxes of produce fresh from local farms, containing fruits, veggies, eggs and slabs of meat...

Consortium of Restaurants, Led by Salaryman, Connects to Help Others

18 hours ago by Taylor Adams
While the small restaurant Salaryman pushes out to-go orders like so many others in the country right now, chef and owner Justin Holt has been strategizing how to help other people in the industry. “I was having a conversation with a friend in a different state in a completely different...

Meanwhile in Granbury: A Nurse Says She Was Fired for Wearing a Mask

18 hours ago by Stephen Young
There's a crisis within the coronavirus crisis hitting hospitals and medical facilities around the country. Personal protective equipment — the gloves, masks and gowns needed to protect front-line healthcare workers — is in short supply in many U.S. hospitals. Private companies and nonprofits are pitching in, trying to get the...

Calling Coronavirus ‘Chinese’ Is a Typical Response to Plagues. So Is Selflessness.

18 hours ago by Jim Schutze
Nothing about this is new. Almost to the letter, the coronavirus crisis today repeats the entire history of pandemics, some aspects of which, like deciding who gets expelled and banished, never get easy. In the spring of 1348, when the rodent-borne Black Plague was decimating a third to half the...

Dylan Released a Song About the JFK Assassination, and We Have Deep Questions

3 days ago by Eva Raggio
Bob Dylan is a music superstar and pop culture icon, a symbol of intellectual progress and a counterculture hero. But, above all, he's a Nobel Prize-winning wordsmith. His message of civil rights activism and philosophical poetry have been essential to American culture since he first emerged as a Woody Guthrie-...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.