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Texas Gov. Abbott Gets Back on Script With New Secretary of State Appointment

12 hours ago by Stephen Young
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is taking the first step toward memory-holing his ill-fated nomination of former Texas Secretary of State David Whitley. Abbott announced Monday that he's appointed the chairwoman of the Texas Workforce Commission to the post. Ruth Ruggero Hughs, also a former associate in the Texas Attorney General's...

Acclaimed Musician Doug Burr Says He Needs Work and Appeals to Fans

12 hours ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Lord knows it’s hard to support a family as a regionally successful singer-songwriter, especially a big family. That’s why Doug Burr decided early on to work full time during the day to support his wife and four kids, switching hats to write music during the dark and quiet hours of...

Mannequin Pussy’s Marisa Dabice Says It’s OK to Come Alone

12 hours ago by David Fletcher
Between taking time off after the release of album Patience and hitting the road, Mannequin Pussy are staying home in Philadelphia to mentally and physically prepare for their first headlining tour, which comes to Three Links in Deep Ellum on Sunday. "I think that our shows are kind of intense...

How to Take the Michelada Home in Dallas

12 hours ago by Amanda Albee
We know the Dallas Observer has a broad and diverse audience of readers, thanks in part to our alt-weekly status. So we also know when we write a piece on micheladas, some of our readers will say, “Mmm, my favorite cruda drink,” while other readers will think to themselves, “What...

The Impossible Whopper: Eat a Burger, Save the World

12 hours ago by Philip Kingston
Science presents us with many paradoxes. Its ability to improve our lives almost exactly matches its ability to show us the ways we’re ruining our lives. The world is overheating, and a huge cause of that destruction is global agriculture, in particular the raising of livestock for meat. Meat production...

Trinity Forest Brewing Company Followed a Newer Path to Bring its Brews to Dallas

12 hours ago by Kelly Dearmore
As exciting as a local craft beer boom is for drinkers seeking a wealth of flavors and styles, the same certainly  can be said for an aspiring brewer. In terms of beginning a commercial brewing operation, what seemed unlikely, if not impossible a few years ago is now a viable...

Martin House Brewing’s Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer Is a Trendy, Refreshing Brew

12 hours ago by Kelly Dearmore
By 11:30 a.m. Saturday, roughly 75 people lined up outside Martin House Brewing Co. in Fort Worth. Of course, there was. The adventurous brewery — picturesquely positioned along the west fork of the Trinity River with an up-close view of the downtown skyline — unveiled what might be the most...

Dallas Mavericks Now Accept Bitcoin for Tickets and Merch Purchases

12 hours ago by Bryson "Boom" Paul
This season, the Dallas Mavericks embrace the future. As announced last Tuesday via an official press release, the Mavs will become the second NBA team to accept the new-age cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin as a form of payment for all Mavericks products. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency without a...

Denton Hosted its First Lucha Libre Event This Past Weekend

12 hours ago by Christian McPhate
The Red Panther stands on the green ropes in the corner of the ring with his right hand raised as if he were challenging the sun to a wrestling match. He wears black tights and, similar to the other luchadores, a mask, black with a red panther face. On this...

Shafer Wilkerson Sheds Broadway and Tragedy and Finds His Voice in Band’s New Single

12 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
You would think that having theater virtuoso parents and being classically trained in singing, dancing and acting would make for an easier transition to becoming a singer-songwriter in a band. Shafer Wilkerson, who fronts his group SB Wilkerson, would beg to differ. Despite his musical theater-heavy credentials and having released...

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