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Brix Barbecue Blasts Off in Fort Worth’s Burgeoning Barbecue District

52 minutes ago by Chris Wolfgang
Allow us to play culinary cartographer for a moment. Your humble author thinks it is high time to carve off a portion of Fort Worth's Southside Historic District and rename it the Barbecue District. Hear us out: Five years ago, Travis and Emma Heim parked their eponymous food truck next...

First Look: Red Stix Asian Street Food Seduces the SMU Crowd

52 minutes ago by Brian Reinhart
When Red Stix Asian Street Food departed the ranks of Plano’s troubled Legacy Hall food hall concept last March, chef-owner Uno Immanivong already had a second act lined up for her fast-casual concept. And the new location, just across the street from Southern Methodist University, is an inspired pairing of...

Bad Spanish Tacos Goes Hard on the Veggie Option, But Don’t Dis His Brisket

52 minutes ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Billy Flores of Bad Spanish Tacos keeps his work area tight and clean. Not a single errant onion square or cilantro leaf lies anywhere but in their prescribed containers. No fingerprint smudges stain the table, no trails of salsa run down the sides of the sauce bottles. It’s simply clean,...

DFW Schools Rise High in Rankings When You Account for Demographics

52 minutes ago by Lucas Manfield
Dallas and Fort Worth students' performance on national standardized tests looks much better when you take demographics into account, according to a new report released by the Urban Institute. Dallas jumped to No. 5 in the ranking of 27 large school districts across the country. The analysis was based on...

Dallas Chefs Rally for Rae Lili Farm This Sunday

52 minutes ago by Taylor Adams
This Sunday, some of Dallas’ top chefs will come together for another food event all for one farmer. Sofia Herrera-Martinez of Rae Lili Farm was recently diagnosed with a debilitating disease that has kept her from operations while incurring overwhelming medical expenses. When she mentioned this months ago to Iris...

Dallas County Drops Jail Phone Call Cost to $.01 per Minute

52 minutes ago by Stephen Young
A half-decade ago, Dallas County came this close to signing off on a contract that could've banned in-person visits at its county jail. Tuesday, by a unanimous vote, the Dallas County Commissioners Court approved a plan that will see county jail inmates charged just $.01 per minute for phone calls...

The Taylor Young Band Brings Together Local Stalwarts with Global Aspirations

52 minutes ago by David Fletcher
It's been awhile since we've heard from Taylor Young. Outside of a few one-off shows with his long-running folk-rock band The O's, Young has been laying low, running a small mortgage company through First United Bank Mortgage and writing songs that he just couldn't find a home for. "I had...

Silver Lining, Cloud, Silver Lining Again in Dallas Public Schools

52 minutes ago by Jim Schutze
Show me a silver lining, I will find you a cloud. From 2014 to last year, the Dallas public school system became a state leader and role model for its ability to turn around failing schools. That’s the silver lining. The cloud is what happened next. As soon as the...

Dallas Still Struggling to Wrap Its Head Around Airbnb Problem

52 minutes ago by Stephen Young
Airbnb, Vrbo and the rest of their short-term rental brethren appear set to head down the same road traveled by Uber and Lyft five years ago. The Dallas City Council wants a task force, one that will make sure the city gets its cut and will respond to concerned neighbors...

Jenna Clark Is an Ever Changing Artist Who Won’t Be Trapped into a Genre

52 minutes ago by Jacob Vaughn
Like with so many artists these days, it’s hard to know what to call Jenna Clark’s music. In her most recent EP, Ten O’Clock in the Morning, guitar riffs as sharp as razors flow in the deep space created by solid bass lines and keyboard playing on top of swinging...

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