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10 Local Acts Livestreaming Concerts This Week

6 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
From electronic to classical music, this week's livestreamed concerts have you covered. Catch what's going down at The Free Man as they begin to open back up. They've got a packed week with The Free Loaders, the Breanna Parker Group and the Ben Holt Kills It Trio. RC & The Gritz will...

Local DJs Say They Have A Problem With Virgin Hotels Dallas

7 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
Virgin Hotels Dallas helped ring in 2020 with its Avant Eden New Year’s Eve party. In The Pool Club, the hotel’s fourth-floor rooftop bar and pool deck, people sipped cocktails and listened to a set by DJ Sam Blacky. It was a wildly successful night, said Tim Denker, vice president...

Dallas Chefs Share Recipes for Impossible Foods' Plant-Based Meat

7 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
One effect of the coronavirus has been the occasional shortage of various foods, including ground beef. One result is stores such as Kroger enforcing a limit on how much meat customers can buy. To combat this shortage of beef (or possibly take the opportunity), Impossible Foods has made their plant-based...

Is Shelley Luther a Hero or Villain? Why Not Ask Her Wallaby?

7 hours ago by Richie Whitt
Scratch below the surface — beneath the cavalcade of supporters, piles of cash donations, President Donald Trump’s approval and Sen. Ted Cruz’s cameo “mullet” — and Dallas' pandemic martyr has herself an optics problem. Even for Shelley Ann Luther, defiant owner of Salon à la Mode and America’s viral “hero”...

In North Texas, the Whole World is a Stage United as Theaters Band Together

7 hours ago by Isabel Arcellana
Theater is one sector of the arts that requires a live audience in order to exist, and companies all over the world are suffering the devastating effects of the pandemic. Even the Globe in London, the renowned replica of Shakespeare's theater, is reportedly on the verge of shuttering permanently. In North Texas,...

North Texas Man Posts About YouTuber Dad, Making Him Famous in 12 Hours

3 days ago by Eva Raggio
It's not even June and there’s already a perfect Father's Day story melting our hearts on the internet. On Tuesday, PepsiCo data analyst Chris Hart, a Rockwall native who now lives in Carrollton, found a YouTube account called “Dad, How Do I?” that moved him so much that he took...

Here's What Worries One of Texas' Most Prominent Vaccine Researchers

3 days ago by Stephen Young
As the COVID-19 pandemic has unwound around the world and in North Texas, there's been a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The only surefire way out of our new confines, according to epidemiologists and public health officials, is researchers finding a vaccine for the novel coronavirus...

Bars and Breweries Can Reopen, But No One Can Be at the Actual Bar

3 days ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
On Monday, Phase 2 of the Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas was released, which allows bars to reopen at 25% indoor capacity, with no restrictions on outdoor areas, starting Friday. A bar, according to the state, is any establishments where 51% or more of their sales are alcohol. Also...

Tom Hardy Movies Ranked by How Hard It Is to Understand What He's Saying

3 days ago by Liam Gaughan
This past week saw the release of the Al Capone biopic Capone, but those looking for a grim, gritty story of how the notorious gangster rose to power in Chicago may be sorely disappointed — the film instead depicts an aging Capone who luxuriates in his Florida estate and has all...

Artists Say Fort Worth Lives Up to Its Title as a 'Music Friendly City'

3 days ago by Preston Jones
The storm had only begun to gather when South by Southwest made the painful but necessary decision to cancel the entirety of its 2020 conference, sending shockwaves through the creative community in Texas and around the world. As everyone processed the enormity of such an unprecedented step, Fort Worth singer-songwriter...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.