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Dallas Reacts to Kobe Bryant’s Shocking Death

6 hours ago by Stephen Young
Los Angeles Lakers superstar and five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in California Sunday morning, the Los Angeles Times and multiple media outlets confirmed. Four others, according to the Times, died in the crash and have yet to be identified. Bryant was 41 years old. As news...

A Step Inside Mot Hai Ba’s Second Location, in Victory Park

3 days ago by Taylor Adams
We heard months ago that Peja Krstic was opening a second location of East Dallas favorite Mot Hai Ba. And now, less than two months away from its opening, we’re getting a look at what it will be all about. “I walked in here the first time, and immediately I...

Stay on Budget at Ravenna (Almost All Day Long)

3 days ago by Alex Gonzalez
A happy hour that starts in the morning and goes on for seven hours sounds like a pipe dream (if you don't have to work, anyway). A little Italian joint in downtown has made this their reality. At Ravenna, guests can experience happy hour prices on weekdays between the hours...

Music News: BTS, Dave Matthews Band and Alicia Keys Highlight This Week’s Concert Announcements

3 days ago by Jeff Strowe
This week's dreary weather might have gotten you down. It's the doldrums of winter that are settling in and making life a bit more challenging to conquer. If this feels like the case, then dive on in and look ahead to some concerts on the horizon. There's K-Pop at the...

New Report: DFW Is Less Affordable Than NYC. Why? Blame Car Culture.

3 days ago by Lucas Manfield
A typical DFW family spends more of its income on housing and transportation than those in most other major cities — including San Francisco and New York — according to a new report released by the NYC-based Citizen's Budget Commission. Using data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, researchers at...

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Maimer of the Texas Senate, Takes Aim Again

3 days ago by Stephen Young
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, protector of the Texas Senate, is prepared to rewrite one of the chamber's oldest rules for the second time in less than a decade. Speaking Thursday on a panel presented by the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation, Patrick said he will have the votes necessary...

Let These K-Pop Music Videos Hold You Until BTS’s Cotton Bowl Concert

3 days ago by Erin Shea Devany
This week, K-Pop phenomenon BTS announced they will be making a stop in Dallas with a performance at the Cotton Bowl on May 5. It’s time to give the world of Korean pop, known as K-Pop, the recognition it deserves. Whether or not you’re a fan of the genre, there’s...

Two Months Before Opening Day, Globe Life Field Is Starting to Look Like a Ballpark

3 days ago by Stephen Young
It's like they always say, a ballpark's not a ballpark until it's branded with its corporate sponsor's logo. Globe Life Field, the Rangers' new home, is starting to look a little like a finished article. Thursday, the team released video of the park's sign being hoisted into place, along with...

Top Ten Records Will Screen Local Music Videos

3 days ago by Eva Raggio
Remember those nights when you stayed up with your friends watching music videos on MTV? Kids today will never know the frustration of the pre-internet days, when we had to wait for our favorite songs to come alive on the big screen (well, a screen bigger than the one on...

Tim Heidecker Says the Hardest Part of His Latest Tim & Eric Comedy Tour Is Not Laughing with His Audience

3 days ago by Danny Gallagher
Terry Jones, the founding member of the British comedy royalty known as Monty Python who passed away on Wednesday, said once in an interview about the team's comic mindset, "We weren't concerned with making anyone but ourselves laugh." The comedy duo Tim and Eric, also known as Tim Heidecker and...

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