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Oak Cliff's Small Brewpub Will Close Dec. 7

5 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Not 10 minutes after learning one restaurant in Dallas was closing (more on that tomorrow), I turned around and found out another spot is closing, and it's one many of us at the Observer love — Small Brewpub. This Oak Cliff spot was one where our food writers would congregate,...

Undermain Theatre’s The Thanksgiving Play Attempts Depth, but Only Serves Humor

13 hours ago by Anna Lowery
At this point in time, most people know that the origins of Thanksgiving are not so savory as the meal we celebrate them with. Although we were raised with charming ideas of pilgrims and Native Americans planting corn, sitting down at table together, eating turkey and watching football, Americans have...

Rick Perry Was ‘In the Loop’ on Trump Quid Pro Quo, Impeachment Witness Says

13 hours ago by Stephen Young
For more than two years, Energy Secretary and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was an anomaly in President Donald Trump's administration. He managed, largely, to tiptoe through the tulips, staying out of the headlines and keeping his job, unlike so, so many others in the executive branch. That run is...

Family of Man Killed in NorthPark Center Garage Wants Millions, Structures Shut Down

13 hours ago by Stephen Young
NorthPark Center's parking garages would be better classified as dangerous stunt-driving tracks, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Dallas County. The suit, filed by the families of two men hit by a speeding car in the mall's Nordstrom garage in March, calls for NorthPark's garages to be shut down...

Northwestern Student Editors, Meet Avi Adelman, Your Nightmare, Your Mentor

13 hours ago by Jim Schutze
There’s a big brouhaha going on now within the journalism trade about an apology published a couple of weeks ago by editors of the student newspaper at Northwestern University. The editors of The Daily Northwestern said they regretted the way they had reported on a student protest. I really worry...

Pop-Jazz Artist HONIN Learns to Love Her Sound with Debut EP

13 hours ago by Tyler Hicks
Pop music has a dirty, not-so-well-kept secret: A lot of songs are often composed of four chords. Even the greats — your Beatles, your Fleetwood Mac — have employed two to four chords to make the timeless hits that will still be around long after we are not. But Carleigh...

Flower Children: Escape the Winter with These North Texas Artists’ Spring-Like Art

13 hours ago by Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi
Winter is coming, but instead of medieval zombies, let us picture vibrant, green life. Local artists are using these tiny things we call plants, and molding them into works of art, even giving them a voice to sing. The following eight artists are inspiring the next generation to care for...

Not UR Girlfrenz Is Not UR Average High School Band

13 hours ago by Meredith Lawrence
The all-girl pop, punk band is popular, talented and not afraid to speak up.

Eastwood Records and the Bastards of Soul’s Combined Debut Is Rich in Authenticity

13 hours ago by Kelly Dearmore
For the last five years, Josey Records in Farmers Branch has steadily expanded from a spot for intensive crate-digging into a one-stop shop for music, books, DVDs, T-shirts, novelties and even beer-related glassware. There are now Josey Records locations in Tulsa, Kansas City and a Josey Books and Records in...

Truluck’s Is Giving You a Fall Cocktail Worth Ditching the Family for an Hour

13 hours ago by Susie Oszustowicz
Truluck's is giving us a great reason to ditch our family next week with their fall cocktail offerings. And happy hour.

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