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Famed Honky Tonk Billy Bob's Will Reopen as a Restaurant With 20% Capacity

3 days ago by Garrett Gravley
The concert industry remains lousy with economic strife during the COVID-19 pandemic, but country music mainstay Billy Bob’s Texas is reopening its doors next week anyway. There are, of course, some caveats before the Fort Worth venue can do that, namely a strict enforcement of social distancing guidelines and compliance...

Oliver Stone Has a New Film, but Let's Look Back at the Ever-Relevant Talk Radio

3 days ago by Liam Gaughan
This past week saw the release of Chasing the Light, the epic memoir of legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone. A word like "controversial" doesn’t even begin to describe the work of Stone, whose films have delved deep into hot button political issues and sparked intense debate for decades. Some have decried...

Housing and Homelessness Solutions Committee Lays Out Budget Priorities

3 days ago by Jacob Vaughn
The number of murders in Dallas is on track to surpass 200 for the second year in a row, and the pandemic's economic damage threatens to drive many more renters from their homes. Affordable housing in the city is already in short supply. No wonder then that Dallas City Council...

Health Experts Cautiously Optimistic Following Decrease in COVID-19 Rates

3 days ago by Simone Carter
Nearly five months have passed since the coronavirus pandemic first hit North Texas and everything is still topsy-turvy. Trying to keep up with the latest developments can give a person whiplash. Here’s Dallas County in a nutshell today: The daily coronavirus case rate is decreasing. Monday, Dallas County Health and...

How Staples from Jimmy’s Improve a Frozen Pizza and Keep You Healthy-ish

3 days ago by Douglas Davis
Most of the time the calculus of eating a store-bought, frozen pizza versus delivery is, well, easy. Order in. But in these times what was a simple equation has gotten more complex. The variables of cost, wait time and the risk of receiving a mediocre pizza remain familiar. But now,...

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Corn Dogs and Beer Were Real Things. This Weekend: Bacon Corn Dogs

3 days ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
It was an audacious move, honestly. Luring pandemic-weary citizens with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos beer and corn dogs at noon on a Wednesday, during prime Zoom call time. Regardless, Martin House Brewing Co. in Fort Worth was up to more of their creative shenanigans with the release of Fiery Crunchy Cheesie...

Rapper Brionne Says She's a Diva Because Misogyny Is as 'Everyday as Cereal'

3 days ago by Tyler Hicks
Shortly after she started rapping, Brionne was invited to a cypher, an informal gathering where rappers showcase their quick wit and lyricism. This was a big opportunity for Brionne. She would be one of two women at the cypher, and she’d have a shot to prove the doubters wrong. “I’m...

Dallas Embraces New York Bodega-Style Bagels from Shug’s

3 days ago by Paige Weaver
For months, Dallas awaited the opening of a Shug’s Bagels & More, a New York bagel shop promising to deliver “the bagel that Dallas deserves.” Dallasites have long lamented the lack of “real” bagels in the city, with chains such as Einstein’s accounting for most of our bagel options. Shug’s...

CBD Shops Adapt to Gov. Abbott's Confusing Ban on Smokable Hemp

4 days ago by Malen Blackmon
Just as the Texas hemp business begins to thrive, local industry professionals will have to take a step back and re-evaluate their business models as a ban on retail sales of smokable hemp flower is in full effect. In 2019, Gov. Gregg Abbott signed House Bill 1325, which legalized the...

Fashion Designer Venny Etienne Hopes His Work for Beyoncé Is 'Just the Beginning'

4 days ago by Tyler Hicks
Venny Etienne’s first fashion show was at the church on Utica Avenue. “When you grow up in Brooklyn, that’s how you and your friends know what churches you go to,” he says. “Like, ‘Oh, you go to the one on Utica Avenue? Yeah, me too!’” In front of 500 churchgoers,...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.