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Dallas Videographers, With Beck, Are the First to Film Inside Prince's Studio

58 minutes ago by Eva Raggio
Singer Beck made headlines this past week when he released a new EP recorded at Prince’s famed studio complex, Paisley Park. Paisley Park Sessions, recorded for Amazon Music, features songs like “Where It's At” off Beck’s iconic ‘90s album Odelay, as well as a medley of Prince classics like “Kiss,”...

22 Things To Do in Dallas, Nov. 18-24

2 hours ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, November 18 The Funky Knuckles If The Funky Knuckles aren’t a part of your weekly jazz intake, they should be. The Funky Knuckles have been together for nearly seven years. The fusion jazz band released an album called Meta-Musica in 2014 that climbed to No. 1 on iTunes’ jazz...

New Asylum Rule Would Hit DFW Immigrants and Organizations Hard

11 hours ago by Meredith Lawrence
The Federal Government's newest round of proposed anti-immigration rules targets asylum seekers and will put a strain on those here in North Texas and the organizations and people who support them, advocates say. The new rule would double the wait time for a work permit.

Eat This: The Salmon Bagel at Murray Street (Then Slow Down)

11 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Five years ago, the Deep Ellum neighborhood and others rallied to save Murray Street Coffee. The quirky coffee shop on the eastern side of the area needed $10,000 fast, and it ended up getting it, living happily ever after. So far, so good, at least. Since then, we’ve seen an...

The Worst Decisions in Dallas Sports History

11 hours ago by Stephen Young
Myles Garrett did something dumb last week. With his Cleveland Browns moments from finishing a 21-7 win at home over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night, the Arlington Martin and Texas A&M product got involved in a melee with several members of the Steelers offense. Garrett eventually ripped off quarterback...

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Frankie Leonie, Remy Reilly, Allison Moorer and More

11 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
This week is chock-full of badass shows to go to in North Texas. If you're planning to attend the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase though, you might want to clear your schedule for Monday, Thursday and Saturday so you can get a little taste of some of the acts on...

How This New Dallas Beignet Place Stands Up to the Palate of a New Orleans Native

11 hours ago by Danny Gallagher
You’ll know people who grew up in New Orleans the second you meet them. There isn’t some shared physical or genetic trait or even a discernible accent. You’ll know because we’ll constantly tell you we grew up in New Orleans. I know this because I'm one of them. I grew...

Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s Jake Byrd Stops by the Flat Earthers’ Conference to Start Some Shit

11 hours ago by Danny Gallagher
Being in a conference dedicated to the belief that the Earth is flat is surreal enough. Then one of late-night TV's most notorious trolls enters to stir up trouble for the sake of comedy, and it somehow feels more surreal but a hell of a lot funnier. Jake Byrd, the chipper,...

Clergy Who Jumped on Cops for Shelter Arrests Should Know Better

11 hours ago by Jim Schutze
Last week on the worst night of the freeze, Dallas police arrested 11 people on outstanding warrants when they showed up among some 300 homeless seeking shelter in the city’s Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center downtown. Clergy who had helped transport people to the center said the arrests were a...

Perot Museum’s New Origins Exhibit Brings 2 Human Ancestors to America for the First Time

11 hours ago by Danny Gallagher
The term "missing link" gets thrown around a lot in discussions about humanity's lineage, but it's incorrect for many reasons. One of the biggest misconceptions created by the term is that human evolution only followed one direction that never strays from its path. "If you want to think of human...

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