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Bolsa, Common Table and Stonedeck Are Closing

6 hours ago by Taylor Adams
It’s a blunt headline, but it’s what the news is: Both Common Table in Uptown and Stonedeck Pizza Pub in Deep Ellum are shuttering, and there’s time to get your last tastes and say your goodbyes. Common Table, which we’ve had for 10 years, posted on Facebook yesterday that they’re...

Sloane’s Corner Has a Chicken-Fried Sandwich That Puts Popeyes to Shame

13 hours ago by Jennifer King
From the outside, Sloane’s Corner appeared fairly casual. “Breakfast * Lunch * Dinner * Coffee * To-Go” beckoned from the shiny glass box. The place was bustling with a late lunch crowd, staff doing side work, liquor reps making rounds and people escaping the daily grind to kick off an...

Super Important News on Drinking: Skip Days, a Round for the Kitchen and Thank Yous for Congress

13 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Recently, a local radio personality and collector, Gordon Keith, tweeted a few lines from an article he opined for The Dallas Morning News (behind the paywall) a few years ago, and it struck a chord: "We are born two drinks shy of happiness. Two drinks gets you to what feels like...

Mr. Mayor, How About City Bond Money to Offset General Messed-up-edness?

13 hours ago by Jim Schutze
For one minute, let’s not call it the murder problem. The word, murder, makes people understandably crazy. Let’s go easy on the murder and just call it the general social messed-up-edness problem or GSMP instead. Better? We now have two recent independent reports on GSMP, one assembled by the administration...

Dallas Magician Trigg Watson Served as a Consultant to Netflix’s Magic Show

13 hours ago by Brad LaCour
The next time you find yourself being amazed while watching Magic for Humans on Netflix, know that Dallas magician extraordinaire Trigg Watson had a hand in those stunning tricks. Magic for Humans, now in its second season on Netflix, stars magician Justin Willman as he explores themes like love, self-control...

Council Sends DART Silver Line Back to the Drawing Board

13 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
Dallas Area Rapid Transit promised Tuesday to alter plans for its new rail line after two North Dallas council members objected to an updated design that would elevate portions of the track. Planners had proposed raising the entire track 5 feet, saving at least $10 million and limiting construction impacts...

Dallas Rapper Samsonyte Is Quietly Setting Trends in Hip-Hop

13 hours ago by Malen Blackmon
The sound of trap music is not going anywhere soon, but do you remember what hip-hop used to sound like with the mix of drums and soul samples? Dallas recording artist Samsonyte is here to flip the script on the “Hip-Hop Is Dead” era. The underground hip-hop and rap scene...

This Weekend: Pie Everywhere, Cheese in Oak Lawn and Beignets in Lake Highlands

13 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Norma’s Cafe is celebrating National Pie Day with free slices of their mile-high pies. No purchase is necessary for each person to get their choice of flavor, including coconut, chocolate, lemon, chocolate-peanut butter and Oreo. What: National Pie Day When: Starting at 10 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 23 Where: Norma’s Cafe...

Soul Musician Taylor Morgan Just Wants to Praise God

13 hours ago by Tyler Hicks
“Oh, my God! Thank you, Jesus! God is so good! I love God!” This is Taylor Morgan, recounting the jubilation she felt after planning a successful event. Morgan, who's 30, plans jam sessions. She plans benefit concerts. Sometimes she sings. And she prays. She prays in her car. She prays...

North Texas’ Creeping Death Is on an Undying Ascent

13 hours ago by Simone Carter
It’s an unseasonably warm night in January when the guys in Creeping Death meet up at the Storage Depot in Denton. They’ll be leaving for a weeklong tour early the next morning. With generous clouds and no breeze, it could rain any moment, but not even a sudden downpour could...

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