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Poor Communication at All Levels of Government Fuels Confusion over COVID Shots

5 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
Miscommunication between city and county officials causes drama over COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Meanwhile, the people they serve just want to be protected from the virus.

Lessons on the Vaccine: Be Your Own Advocate, but Also Your Grandma’s (Mostly Hers)

5 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Multiple registration sites, mixed messages, broken promises and lack of outreach have created frustration with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. One significant contributor to the confusion came two weeks ago when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott opened the floodgates to Phase 1B, catching county health departments off guard. Abbott read a report...

Frisco Pastor Tells Congregants to Prepare to Shoot Intruders Ahead of Biden Inauguration

5 hours ago by Simone Carter
A Frisco pastor told congregants to have their weapons loaded ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

Let's Stop Sugarcoating It: The Late Phil Spector Was a Murderer and Abuser

5 hours ago by Mark E. Moon
Phil Spector is dead, and the world is better for it. Seemingly most nationwide press outlets have acknowledged the fact that the once-venerated producer was convicted of murder following the 2003 death of actress Lana Clarkson, but some have chosen to do so with callous soft-pedaling. BBC was scathingly criticized...

Cocktails to Go May Become Permanent

5 hours ago by Jeff Siegel
The Texas Legislature may do something so unprecedented this session that it’s almost impossible to describe how unprecedented it is — make restaurant cocktails to go, now a temporary fix, permanently legal. Why unprecedented? Because much of the state was dry well into the 1990s, and it’s still illegal to...

Nana B's Provides Wonderful Soul Food in Joppa

5 hours ago by Taylor Adams
There’s a new restaurant in the Dallas neighborhood of Joppa, and it smells like home. Nana B’s Soul Food Kitchen has dishes that may make you think of your mom or grandmother. You won’t find a menu on a website, nor will you see one on a permanent display on...

Fort Worth Opera’s Bernadette's Cozy Book Nook Is a Buoyant Snapshot of the Pandemic

5 hours ago by Anna Lowery
There’s a certain experience that you’re probably familiar with at this point in the pandemic: You log into a Zoom meeting and are greeted by your own horrendous face. You needed a haircut a month ago, and it shows. The cruel, uncontrollable lighting does you no favors. Beauty is lost...

Dallas Couple Offers a Caribbean Twist at Fit Juice Bar

3 days ago by Kristina Rowe
Entrepreneurial spirit and a love of the Cayman Islands are just two of the common bonds between Krycel and J.D. Perkins. Together, the couple has opened gyms and corporate wellness programs as well as restaurants focused on healthy foods and beverages. Their latest is Fit Juice Bar, which opened in...

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert Wrongfully Quoted as Inciting More 'Uprisings'

3 days ago by Simone Carter
East Texas U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert is on the offensive after journalists misquoted him.

Dallas Music News: AV The Great Responds to Domestic Terrorists, Nicole Marxen Goes Solo

3 days ago by David Fletcher
Denton rapper AV The Great took to the studio to give his thoughts on the insurrection at the Capitol building last week. The single “Jan 6th, 2021” captures the artist’s stunned disbelief at what unfolded and notes the utter hypocrisy of the domestic terrorists’ actions with lyrics such as: “Kaepernick...

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