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President Trump Goes After the Bidens, Plays a Familiar Tune in Dallas

2 hours ago by Stephen Young
Thursday night, in as much trouble as he's been since his inauguration, President Donald Trump returned to Dallas' American Airlines Center a little more than four years after his first visit to the place that Ron Kirk built. On a day in which his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney,...

Former Texas Gov. Perry Out as Energy Secretary, According to Multiple Reports

7 hours ago by Stephen Young
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, one of the Trump administration's biggest connections to Texas and mainstream conservatism, plans to quit his post as energy secretary, according to reports from Bloomberg and The New York Times. Despite calling President Donald Trump a "cancer on conservatism" during the 2016 Republican presidential primary,...

Order a Cocktail and Get a Smoke Show at The Pyramid Restaurant & Bar

20 hours ago by Susie Oszustowicz
The Pyramid Bar's Pyramid Smoked Old Fashioned is a treat for the taste buds and a trick for the eyes.

Meredith Crawford’s Country Soul Travels Through Decades and Genres

20 hours ago by Jamie Vahala
When spoken in a Texan accent, the words “soil” and “soul” basically become homonyms, and it may be no coincidence that those two things (admittedly, in a very simplified way) are what make up singer-songwriter Meredith Crawford’s music. The "soil" is the deep reverence and appreciation she has for her...

The Gun in Atatiana Jefferson’s Hand Will Be Far from Irrelevant

20 hours ago by Jim Schutze
The mayor of Fort Worth says there is no relevance or importance in the fact that Atatiana Jefferson, killed by a Fort Worth police officer Saturday, had a gun. The mayor is wrong. According to the murder warrant for the former police officer who killed her, Jefferson, 28, pointed her...

DFW Auto Emissions Grow Disproportionately to Population

20 hours ago by Meredith Lawrence
Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in the DFW area went up a startling 27% per person between 1990 and 2017, according to new data released from Boston University's Database of Road Transportation Emissions and analyzed by the New York Times.

Six Reasons Blue Öyster Cult Absolutely Rule at Their Dallas Show Saturday

20 hours ago by Vincent Arrieta
The mighty Blue Öyster Cult, Long Island’s greatest contribution to modern culture aside from tea and Theresa Caputo, is returning to Dallas for a concert at the Gas Monkey Bar ‘N’ Grill with special guests UFO on Saturday. Once called “heavy metal for people who hate heavy metal,” Blue Öyster...

Pocket Sandwich Theatre’s Werewolf of London: Classic Horror, Comedy and, Above All, Melodrama

20 hours ago by Anna Lowery
Once a melodrama becomes great theater, it loses any chance of being a great melodrama. So it’s a really good thing that Pocket Sandwich Theatre’s latest melodrama, Werewolf of London, is not great theater. But what makes a great melodrama? Pocket Sandwich Theatre certainly has the concept down to a...

From Cameroon to Walmart to Celebrity Designer, Daniel Mofor Finds Success With His Brand Don Morphy

20 hours ago by Dalila Thomas
Is Dallas the fashion capital of the world? Very few people would probably answer yes. But if you change the question to whether Dallas is a hidden gem of a fashion-forward city, you'd now have a pretty decent argument.  One designer who continues to prove this to be true is...

Feed the Belly on Fitzhugh at This Sushi and Bento Spot

20 hours ago by Micah Moore
There’s a new sushi spot in East Dallas, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should go — and go hungry. Hungry Belly opened on Fitzhugh Avenue in the space previously occupied by short-lived Mama Poke. It’s in a former bank building that has sat empty for years until restaurants...

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