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Flash Drought Scorches Texas, Sparks Wildfires

6 hours ago by Meredith Lawrence
A flash drought is creating perfect wildfire conditions in Texas

Uber Sticks Out its Hand, Dallas Fills It With Incentive Cash

6 hours ago by Stephen Young
Dallas didn't get left at the altar this time. After nine months of licking its Amazon-inflicted wounds, the city landed its own big-tech big fish, thanks to nearly $36 million in economic incentives from the city, county and state. Tuesday, Dallas County Commissioners approved the final piece of the incentive...

Cowboys Fool Everyone With Real-Life Click Bait

6 hours ago by Stephen Young
Tuesday afternoon, the message went out. The Cowboys were planning a press conference to "announce a contract extension for a current member of the team's roster." Sound the alarms, right? One of the team's ongoing contract headaches was about to be solved, bringing the team a step closer to being...

Mayor’s Approach to Murder Will Be an Advisory Council. Is This a How-to Thing?

6 hours ago by Jim Schutze
In the new mayor’s laughably pusillanimous response to the city’s murder problem, we are seeing the first symptoms of the last election. Pulling a page, poorly, from the previous mayor, Eric Johnson this week tried to take on murder with some grandstand speechifying. It was not grand. At a scripted...

TRUSKO Sends Jazz Into the Digital Space

6 hours ago by David Fletcher
Robert Trusko is a ubiquitous bass player, lending his talents nightly to projects like Skinny Cooks, Thaddeus Ford Project, Bree & the Fellas, Scour, Melody Memory and Jamil Byrom and the Grown Folks, but the project closest to his heart is his solo project, TRUSKO. “I graduated (with a master...

The Clover Club Has Uptown Buzzing

6 hours ago by Susie Oszustowicz
The Clover Club offers Dallas's more mature bar guests a place to grab a classic cocktail and enjoy classic music.

This Weekend: Wine Dinner at the French Room, a Deep Ellum Food Tour and a Cheese Making Class

6 hours ago by Paige Weaver
Discover Southern France's Languedoc-Roussillon region through the wines of Gérard Bertrand. Southern France wine ambassador Nicolas Galy will share the story of this prolific producer while you experience a four-course dinner curated by sommelier Leslie Hartman and chef Frederic Sulis. What: Gérard Bertrand Wine Dinner in The French Room When:...

Tutta’s Adds Large Array of Vegan Pizzas to Menu

6 hours ago by Taylor Adams
For Amanda and Jeremy Scott, the owners behind Tutta’s Pizza, having a place known for house-smoked meat worthy of being on TV isn’t enough. As more places in town offer vegan options that are cravable for diet followers and meat lovers, they decided it was time the West End pizza spot...

A Dallas Boutique Hotel Asks Guests to Untag Them in Photos. Does It Have the Right?

6 hours ago by Christian McPhate
DFW music promoter Callie Dee was trying to be body positive when she booked a room at the Lorenzo Hotel and brought a professional photographer friend for a photo shoot. It was Valentine’s Day 2018, and Dee had just lost weight, mostly due to stress, and was seeking to love...

Why Is ‘Give Me Everything Tonight’ Still on the Radio?

6 hours ago by Tyler Hicks
Music is frustrating. Some artists toil decades before gaining recognition (if they do at all) while others churn out hit tracks like a sweatshop producing cheap toys. The latter group has cracked the formula: they know what people want to hear, and they ride the radio waves to the bank...

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