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El Bolero on Fitzhugh Has Cleared Out and Closed

11 hours ago by Taylor Adams
The Fitzhugh Avenue location of El Bolero has closed. A manager of the restaurant confirmed Tuesday morning it happened over the weekend, and the restaurant’s website no longer lists the East Dallas location. Unfortunately, my own experience there wasn’t great, but I had heard new and improved things were coming...

Dallas Police Has Two Teens in Custody After Bold Attack on Restaurant Owner

12 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Last Thursday evening, a teenage male entered Resident Taqueria on Audelia Road, swiped the tip jar off the counter and took off out the door. According to the story on Lake Highlands Advocate, chef Andrew Savoie was in the back at the time, but an employee who witnessed the theft...

Where Do the Cool Older People Hang Out in Dallas?

17 hours ago by Alex Gonzalez
While the options for a fun night out in Dallas are seemingly endless for millennials (and *shudders* Gen Zers), does the city really cater to the Gen X-and-up crowd? Whether you’re out in Deep Ellum, Uptown or Bishop Arts, you’re guaranteed to find a venue filled with people born in...

La Palapa del Sabor Is Now Open in the Former Mesa Spot

17 hours ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
When Mesa closed last fall, there was a collective, “Aw, bummer,” across the Dallas. Co-chef and owner Raul Reyes opened a new place on Davis Street, Ceviche, while the space that once served Beyonce and Jay-Z was being reinvented once more. (Before it was Mesa, it was La Palapa Veracruzana.)...

At Irving Arts Center, Pride & Prejudice Struggles to Live up to Its Source Material

17 hours ago by Anna Lowery
Possibly Jane Austen’s most enduring work, Pride & Prejudice is a great novel about the personal judgments that guide and interfere with the social roles of men and women in the early 1800s. It follows Lizzy Bennet, one of five sisters (many adaptations reduce the number to four) whose mother...

The Flaming Lips to Perform The Soft Bulletin With the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

17 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
Oklahoma psychedelic rock behemoths the Flaming Lips have aged to be the envy of almost every artist within the genre, for reasons that vary between flawless albums like Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and the fact that the band has stayed in the mainstream eye for over 25 years. Given...

Follow the Rainbow: The Best LGBTQ+ Influencer Accounts in North Texas

17 hours ago by Isabel Arcellana
The online presence of Dallas-based influencers and savvy Instagrammers within the LGBTQ+ community is particularly dynamic and inspiring. People from all walks of life make up a diverse group of individuals expressing themselves with pride on the internet. Scroll down for some fun and noteworthy, LGBTQ+ Instagram accounts to follow...

Dallas Police Staffing Study Was a Long Time Coming. Putting It in Place Isn’t Happening Any Faster.

17 hours ago by Stephen Young
It took Dallas almost two years to get the results of the police staffing study it commissioned from KPMG, one of the world's biggest auditing firms. Judging from what DPD brass told members of the City Council on Monday, actually making any hay from the study's conclusions is going to...

Democrats’ Path to Texas House Majority Runs Through North Texas

17 hours ago by Stephen Young
The task ahead of Texas Democrats is like the one Dirk Nowitzki and the rest of the 2010-11 Mavericks faced before that season's playoffs: monumental, but squarely within the realm of possibility. The rewards are similar too, for both groups, should they find success. The Mavs turned back the tide...

Supreme Court’s Public Charge Ruling Leaves Texas Immigration Advocates Worried

17 hours ago by Meredith Lawrence
The Supreme Court issued a ruling that allows a new immigration restriction to go into effect until a lawsuit against the rule is decided.

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