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Take a Look at the Newly Renovated Granada Theater

21 hours ago by Daniel Rockey
The Granada Theater on Lower Greenville is a piece of living art. The one-time theater and current music venue has been showcasing performances, movies and concerts since it was first built in 1946. Despite the widespread need for artistic escapism to ignore the trials of current reality, The Granada has had...

Some North Texas School Districts Using Ineffective COVID Safety Measures

21 hours ago by Simone Carter
Returning to school is never fun, but the coronavirus pandemic has made it exponentially more surreal. Last week, the Texas Education Agency released guidance stating that masks must be worn in the classroom. It also said that face shields can be used in certain educational contexts. But Dr. Erin Carlson,...

Mayor Eric Johnson Removes Ad Hoc Committee's Only Latino Representative

21 hours ago by Jacob Vaughn
Formally ending Dallas City Council’s recess summer recess, Mayor Eric Johnson restructured the Ad Hoc Committee on Legislative Affairs, removing its only Latino representative, Paula Caldwell Blackmon. Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Adam McGough is Blackmon’s replacement. District 12 councilmember Cara Mendelsohn has also been appointed to serve as the committee’s...

Chilled to Go: Burger House’s Fries and Milkshakes Live Up to Early Memories

21 hours ago by Taylor Adams
It’s a lousy feeling when something you loved as a kid turns out to be terrible or mediocre at best when you experience it as an adult. But there’s nothing like that to worry about with Jack’s fries and an ice-cold milkshake. The perfectly seasoned french fries from Burger House...

Distilleries in Texas Work to Survive Lacking Government Support

21 hours ago by Steven Monacelli
Although her face was covered by her mask, Natasha DeHart’s eyes showed how she felt. The message on the mask says the rest: Get Bendt. On the day the second shutdown in Texas was announced, she “was at about a 10-out-of-10 anger level all day,” she says. DeHart is the...

3 Downtown Dallas Museums Open This Week: What You Need to Know

21 hours ago by Eva Raggio
Dallas museums have tried their hardest to keep us entertained (and, above all, cultured) while we ride out the pandemic at home. For months, most major local institutions have adjusted their content to offer virtual tours and other online programming, so we can only blame ourselves for spending most of...

A 'Study' Confirms Frisco, McKinney and Plano Are Boring. Nice Grass, Though.

21 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
As primates, human beings are part of the most socially adept order in the entire animal kingdom, and our need for relationships and interaction is so ingrained into our being that it is the third tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s largely for this reason that the COVID-19 lockdown...

Ellen's Brings Diner Food and Social Justice to Allen

1 day ago by Alex Gonzalez
A West End favorite has set up its second shop in the suburbs. Founded by Joe Groves and chef Russell Mertz, Ellen's offers Southern cuisine and diner food, inspired by Groves’ mother, Ellen. And it’s now open in Allen. Ellen’s first opened in downtown Dallas eight years ago with 32...

Protesters Said Defund Dallas Police; the City Manager Says No in his Proposed Budget

2 days ago by Jacob Vaughn
Despite protesters’ continued calls to defund the police, Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax says he never had any intention to lower the law enforcement budget. In fact, federal funding from the CARES Act passed by Congress to help counter the ongoing economic crash means the Dallas Police Department could see...

MJ Hegar Is Not a Zombie. She Just Looks Like One in a Dishonest GOP Tweet.

2 days ago by Patrick Williams
Take a glance at those two photos above of Texas Democratic Senate candidate MJ Hegar. While they're quite similar, discerning eyes might detect slight differences between them. For instance, in the photo on the left, she looks like a 44-year-old veteran awarded a Purple Heart after a National Guard medivac...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.