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Texas Nationalists See Secession Looming. Does Anyone Else?

2 days ago by Patrick Strickland
State Rep. Kyle Biedermann filed a bill to allow Texans to vote on independence from the U.S. The Texas Nationalist Movement sees an opportunity to push secession.

We Almost Came Up With 420 Things to Do on 4/20, but Got Too High

7 days ago by Eva Raggio
The holiest of all holidays, 420, is coming up sometime soon, but we couldn't tell you exactly in how many days. Some of us have been celebrating early — since last April 21, to be exact — so our sense of time is a bit warped. We did put our...

Britney Is Right: Stop Asking Entertainers to Babysit Your Kids

16 days ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Many parents rely on kid-centric entertainment to get through the days, much of which involves screens and speakers. They're the new and improved (and non-narcotic) mother's little helpers: Sesame Street, Disney +, Kidz Bop, etc. Child-appropriate entertainment that lets mommy or daddy have a little time to relax. In fact,...

Trump's Gone, but the Texas GOP Keeps Drifting Rightward

30 days ago by Simone Carter
While some former loyalists walk away from the Republican Party, the Texas GOP continues its rightward drift.

On a Clear, Maskless Night, Deep Ellum Showed Its Face Again

1 month ago by Elvis Anderson
When Gov. Greg Abbott reopened the Lone Star State, many assumed Texans would raid Dallas nightlife spots like Black Friday shoppers overrunning a Walmart. They're not. “It’s calmer than expected," said DJ Inzo from his Volgswagen bus-themed DJ booth at the Backyard bar in Deep Ellum. Max, a doorman at...

Do We Really Need Another Selena Gomez Album, Though?

1 month ago by Eva Raggio
Selena Gomez, an icon of young millennials and Grand Prairie native, recently implied to Vogue magazine that she’s done with her singing career. For a long time, Gomez has — whether by a calculated PR design or by accidental default — been perceived as a celebrity first and a star...

60 Cool Women-Owned Businesses You Can Support in Dallas

1 month ago by Karyna Micaela
Women are rockstars in business, and that's just a fact. There are countless women-owned and women-run businesses in Dallas, but here are 55 to get you started. In honor of Women’s History Month, support one of these local shops, restaurants and services run by a bevy of badass bosses. Bars and...

Abe Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party: At Least They're Not Doing This Play at Ford's Theater

10 years ago by Elaine Liner
Theater Caps are bite-sized punch-packing capsule reviews by resident theater critic Elaine Liner. Use them as a reminder -- or a teaser, if you procrastinate -- of her full-length reviews in The Mixmaster's weekly sister. Intrigued by the title -- Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party -- I booked a...

Ted Cruz Flew to Cancun While Constituents Endured Texas-Sized Crisis

2 months ago by Simone Carter
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is facing backlash after he was caught flying to Cancun while Texas experiences a crisis.

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