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Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights


Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow are Funny People

11 years ago by Scott Foundas
After devoting his first two films as director, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, to getting laid and having kids, respectively, Judd Apatow brings the circle of life to a close with Funny People, which stars Adam Sandler as George Simmons, a popular, Sandler-esque movie star diagnosed with a rare...

Seriously, Adam Sandler Triumphs in Netflix’s The Meyerowitz Stories

2 years ago by Bilge Ebiri
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) premieres on Netflix Oct. 13 Adam Sandler’s core as a performer has always been his self-loathing. In his best comedies, he weaponizes it with humiliating ruthlessness. (In his worst ones, it wafts pathetically off him like the day-after stink of a drunkard.) Now, he’s...

Conan's Dallas Guests Include Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler and Charles Barkley

6 years ago by Lauren Smart
The world's favorite red head has been spending the last few weeks prepping for his upcoming visit to Dallas. Beginning March 31, he'll be filming his show live at the Majestic Theatre. In a continuation of the Conan pandemonium (pandeConian?), today he announced his guests for his week downtown. If...

Song of Sandler

12 years ago by Jennifer Elaine-Davis
The Wedding Singer is not a guilty pleasure for me. I don't feel the least bit bad about counting it among my all-time favorite films. Sure, I know there are better acted films out there, and I'm fully aware that Adam Sandler is not really a subtle, nuanced performer, but...

Sandler and Barrymore Hurt Us in Blended

6 years ago by Amy Nicholson
A romance ripped from the pages of Deuteronomy, Frank Coraci's Blended posits that the best reason for a woman with sons and a man with daughters to get married is that they can take care of each other's kids. Quel pragmatisme! In the world of this sitcom love story, men...

Sandler and The Cobbler Aim for Nice but Hit Creepy

5 years ago by Amy Nicholson
Start at the feet and pan up Adam Sandler: the sneakers, the pants that never quite fit, the sloped shoulders, the furrowed brow and world-weary sulk. He's a cartoon man drawn the same in every movie, whether he's in a lonely walk-up or a McMansion crammed with kids. Sandler plays...

Adam 'n' Heave

16 years ago by Luke Y. Thompson
With 50 First Dates, it seems as though Adam Sandler is trying to compile a greatest-hits film, cobbling together the stuff that worked in his previous films in hopes that it'll play even better all in one go. There's the falsetto comedy-song bit from every episode of Saturday Night Live,...

Netflix’s Exquisite Happy as Lazzaro Asks: What’s to Live for After a Life of Toil?

1 year ago by Alan Scherstuhl
This time, we meet the sharecropping peasants of the remote village of Inviolata, living lives of seasonal toil, lives that look — except for the occasional radio or lightbulb — like they might have a century or so ago

Hotel Transylvania 3: the Right Kind of Disposable Fun

1 year ago by Bilge Ebiri
Van Helsing is a distant memory by the time we reach Dracula (aka Drac) in the present day, feeling lonely at Hotel Transylvania, his secret resort run by and for monsters, where demonic creatures and other surreal abominations of nature are allowed to vacation free of human meddling

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