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Lens Crafters

13 years ago by Jay Webb
New works by photographers Allison V. Smith and Ann Stautberg provide insights into the subtlety of often overlooked colors and textures. The West Texas town of Marfa may be famous for its mysterious lights, but Smith's photos illuminate a palette of surprisingly vibrant hues against the stark canvas of the...

From the Vaults

8 years ago by Alex Copeland
Art can sit tucked away and unseen for years at a time, either being slowly developed by the artist or forgotten and left to ferment. The Barry Whistler Gallery has examples of both instances from artists Ann Stautberg and Toni LaSelle on display until April 23. Part of an ongoing...

Blue, Yellow, Red,

4 years ago by Lauren Smart
Primary colors might get a bad rap. The newest show at Barry Whistler Gallery was inspired by a piece at the National Galerie in Berlin and the viewing of Barnett Newman’s “Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue IV, 1969-70.” It makes a splendid argument for the continued necessity of...
Best Of Winner

Best Friends of Artists

A Friend in Deed at Barry Whistler Gallery

One of the best art exhibits this year had nothing to do with buzz or hipness or hype or scene. It was about heart. But it was still the exhibit for artists to contribute to and for art fans to attend. A Friend in Deed, a one-night show and sale...

Like No Other

11 years ago by Jennifer Elaine-Davis
As with many local art spaces in the past year, Barry Whistler Gallery has been on something of a roll. Having just hosted the stark work of Johnnie Winona Ross and the whimsical photographs of Allison V. Smith, the gallery has received a fair amount of press, resulting in some...

5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend

4 years ago by Lauren Smart
Cutie & The Boxer Artists Noriko and Ushio Shinohara earned international acclaim for their 2013 documentary Cutie and the Boxer, which was nominated for an Academy Award. The film explored the couple's relationship and their artistic practices, following the way they've intertwined life and careers as Japanese artists living in...

Capsule Reviews

Esteban Pastorino Diaz The photographs of this young Argentinean artist succeed as form and product--both compositionally and conceptually. Currently showing are three different types of photographs by Diaz, the panoramica, aerial views and night shots of architecture. Originally schooled in engineering, Diaz is a photographer most interested in process. For...

Lose It

19 years ago by Annabelle Massey Helber
Never let it be said, concupiscent readers, that we don't have your best interests at heart. We slog and grind through the week, compiling these pages filled with little trifles for your amusement, as if your very lives depended on it. We want you to have fun, try something new,...

21 Awesome Things to Do this Weekend, March 5 - 8

4 years ago by Lauren Smart
Out of the Loop Fringe Festival opens at WaterTower Theatre this weekend. The annual fest up in Addison isn't afraid to take risks on new work from Dallas-based playwrights, like this year's Standing 8 Count by Van Quattro. The fest also brings in outside performers, like the return of Jenn...

The color of money

21 years ago by Christina Rees
Something makes me suspicious of these paintings, though at first glance I like them. At last glance I like them also--swoon over them, in fact, for at least a moment. But somewhere in between the initial and parting glances, I feel uneasy, disconcerted by their unquestioning confidence, as though what...

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