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The intentional tourist

20 years ago by Christina Rees
Despite dozens of travel shows and guide books--namely the homogenized promos covering transatlantic journey--we have little media that give us the real skinny on what it's like to traverse another continent. Michael Palin's PBS series Pole to Pole comes closer than most. The intrepid Monty Pythoner braves the fringes and...

Some things he did

19 years ago by Jeff Liles
To those who knew Roxy Gordon, the news of his passing on February 7 may have caught them a little off guard, but the official cause of death didn't come as much of a surprise: cirrhosis of the liver. The man loved his liquor. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but...

Super Group

15 years ago by Shannon Sutlief
Bill Komodore. Linnea Glatt. Vincent Falsetta. Allison V. Smith. Frank Tolbert. Benito Huerta. Pamela Nelson. Brian Fridge. Ann Stautberg. Greg Metz. It's an impressive list of artists that any gallery would fight for. But Barry Whistler Gallery didn't have to fight. They just had to ask. And in some cases,...

Night & Day

20 years ago by Zac Crain
thursday april 29 A month or so ago, Night & Day placed a moratorium on coverage of local improvisational comedy troupes. It's not that we don't like some of them or that we're not fans of the idea in general. No, it's just that every theater, comedy club, bar, and...

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