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First Ladies and Kardashians: The Most Famous Dallas University Graduates and Attendees

23 days ago by Isabel Arcellana
School’s in. Maybe you’re a freshman and you’re in a new, exciting place, or maybe you’ve been around awhile. It’s your third, fourth, 10th year at a university, and it’s getting hard to sit in dinky lecture halls and pretend you care about the syllabus. Maybe you need some motivation,...

Former Baylor Professor Sues University, Claims Anti-Male Bias

2 days ago by Silas Allen
A former Baylor University economics professor is suing the university, accusing officials there of mishandling sexual misconduct claims against him. The professor, who is identified in court documents as John Doe, resigned from the university last year amid an investigation into the professor's relationship with a student. In the lawsuit,...

Texas Gov. Abbott Gets Back on Script With New Secretary of State Appointment

30 days ago by Stephen Young
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is taking the first step toward memory-holing his ill-fated nomination of former Texas Secretary of State David Whitley. Abbott announced Monday that he's appointed the chairwoman of the Texas Workforce Commission to the post. Ruth Ruggero Hughs, also a former associate in the Texas Attorney General's...

Texas Researchers Look into Teacher Misconduct in State Schools

2 months ago by Silas Allen
Researchers at two Texas universities are launching a project to document investigations into teacher misconduct in the state for the last two decades. David Thompson, a professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and Catherine Robert, a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, are building a...

Protesters Picket Outside Sen. John Cornyn’s Office, Demand Election Security

18 hours ago by Lucas Manfield
A dozen or so people gathered outside Sen. John Cornyn’s North Dallas offices Tuesday morning, urging the senator to support additional funding for election security. There were impromptu chants, cardboard signs — "Honk for Clean Elections” — and a man dressed as the Statue of Liberty whose headpiece kept flying...

Can Raising Cattle Be Environmentally Friendly? These Texas Ranchers Say Yes.

2 days ago by Meredith Lawrence
Thigh-high grasses and plant stalks thwack the sides of the all-terrain buggy as Meredith Ellis maneuvers it down a faint double track through a dense pasture. Grasshoppers launch out of the way, whirring past bright purple, thistle-like Leavenworth's eryngo that poke up alongside creamy milkweed flowers. Yellow and purple wildflowers...

The 21 Best Things to Do in Dallas, Sept. 16-22

2 days ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, September 16 Away from the White House: Presidential RetreatsGeorge W. Bush Presidential Center presents Away from the White House: Presidential Retreats, an exhibition of photographs of various presidential hideaways and homes away from the White House, from Mount Vernon to Mar-a-Lago. With historical artifacts, like Ronald Reagan’s aviator sunglasses...

Texas Democrats Actually Seem Confident Ahead of Thursday’s Debate

7 days ago by Stephen Young
Texas, for a week at least, is the center of the Democratic political universe. There have already been a couple of major polls of the state released, a declaration of intent by the state's Democratic Party, pushback from Texas Republicans and some crowing from national Democrats about their chances of...

Texas Gov. Abbott Moves to Lt. Gov. Patrick’s Right on Gun Control

6 days ago by Stephen Young
A week ago, Texas, and the rest of the country, got their first look at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's evolving priorities on guns, gun violence and domestic terrorism through a series of executive orders issued by the governor. While there was a decent amount of meat in Abbott's eight decrees...

Chefs Line Up for Cooking Competition Sept. 30

6 days ago by Taylor Adams
Another cooking competition is in the works, this one from the folks behind The Adolphus. Makeready, the hotel’s management company, is hosting 86 Cancer, a culinary competition to raise funds for cancer research. “Our company, Makeready, is heavily involved with an organization called Pelotonia, based in Columbus, Ohio, and the...

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