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Dallas-Based TV Network Wants to Change the 'Vibe' of News Media

12 days ago by Ryann Gordon
Dallas is home to a plethoral of artistic productions, from music to fine art, live performance and just about every other niche on the spectrum. Our city’s latest bragging point is making its place in less common territory, in TV production. Launching from the heart of DFW, You On TV...

Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support in North Texas

12 hours ago by Aria Bell
The COVID-19 pandemic has given the nation a chance to observe, reflect, mobilize and unite to end systemic racism. While there are many ways to get involved with social reform organizations and to plan and prepare for protesting, one significant way to uplift black communities is by shopping locally at...

Nearly Silenced by Coronavirus, Deep Ellum’s Community Bands Together

19 days ago by Brian Reinhart
Dallas’ live music neighborhood is quieter these days. Communal gatherings are in Deep Ellum’s blood. This district’s history is founded on live music, industry and togetherness; its historic plaques commemorate blues musicians, and its performance venues number in the dozens. From the beginning, this has been a neighborhood where outsiders...

Exit Chuckling: Dallas Comedy House Closed, But the Community It Built Laughs On

1 month ago by Danny Gallagher
Improvised comedy scenes have what is called a “cut.” A performer runs across the stage in front of whatever is happening on stage to signal to players and audience members that the scene has reached its logical, or sometimes illogical, conclusion. As with all things in improvised theater, predicting what...

3 Downtown Dallas Museums Open This Week: What You Need to Know

1 month ago by Eva Raggio
Dallas museums have tried their hardest to keep us entertained (and, above all, cultured) while we ride out the pandemic at home. For months, most major local institutions have adjusted their content to offer virtual tours and other online programming, so we can only blame ourselves for spending most of...

A New Stadium and Strategy for the Rangers and No Fans Allowed: That's Some Foul Ball

2 months ago by Richie Whitt
To the chagrin of fans yearning for the best ol’ days, Nolan Ryan won’t regularly be at the Texas Rangers’ new home. But thanks to his bronze statue, the Hall-of-Fame, flesh-and-blood “Big Tex” will stand watch outside Globe Life Field. Courtesy of long-time public address announcer Chuck Morgan, Ryan’s 10-gallon...

As Dallas Arts Institutions Remain Shut, Their Losses Total at Least $34 Million

3 months ago by Eva Raggio
The COVID-19 pandemic has swept away lives, jobs, and individual freedoms. While more than 2.5 million Texans have filed for unemployment since April, there’s one sector of business that has been silently devastated by closures: arts institutions. According to a survey by The Arts Community Alliance, the Dallas Arts District...

Dallas Drag Queens Say Venue Shutdowns Are One More Struggle to Overcome

2 months ago by Jacob Reyes
What Nayda Montana misses the most about queer bars and venues is the familiar chaos: loud music, mixed drinks and, most of all, the ability to perform for adoring crowds looking to be entertained. Since the COVID-related closing of restaurants, bars and other major entertainment venues began in Dallas back...

Dallas-Born 'Search Party' Creator Charles Rogers Says Season 4 Is Coming

2 months ago by Alex Gonzalez
Since its premiere in 2016, the sitcom Search Party has developed a cult following. The dark comedy tells the tale of the disappearance of Chantal Witherbottom and a group of friends who suddenly find themselves involved with the mystery. In the most recent season, characters Dory Sief (Alia Shawkat) and...

The 8 Greatest Video Games That Blasted Their Way Out of North Texas

2 months ago by Danny Gallagher
Silicon Valley may be the world's most famous hub for technology and digital entertainment development, but it wouldn't be where it is without the groundbreaking games that came out of North Texas. Dallas-Fort Worth fueled the video game industry's rise to rival the film, TV and music industries' combined revenue...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.