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The New Roots Community Garden Gives Refugees and Immigrants a Place to Call Home

8 months ago by Sriya Reddy
As Nar Basnet is transferring okra and bittermelon into a pan, a wave of a deep, spice-filled aroma hits the air as sizzling ensues. While she’s cooking for her and her daughter, she’s speaking about all the vegetables she grows in the International Rescue Committee’s New Roots community garden in...

Fashion, Food, Dancing Mark World Refugee Day in Vickery Meadows

8 years ago by Leslie Minora
African men singing to the beat of a drum and about ten women dressed in long bold-colored dresses danced in an undulating circle in Fair Oaks Park on Saturday afternoon. With bright scarves wrapped around their heads, their bodies seemed to move like aquatic plants to the music and chants...

Refugees Are Flooding to Texas

8 years ago by Leslie Minora
Texas has become the top destination for refugee resettlement, with Dallas the second largest hub, according to recent statistics. It became the main destination for resettlement as of last year, rising from number five in 2001. In an article earlier this week, the Houston Chronicle reported that Texas' rise in...
Best Of Winner

Best Community Garden

Bhutanese Refugee Garden

The best thing about community gardens in older urban areas is their sheer obduracy — the grit and patience, the sweat equity involved in digging down through rubble to find real dirt again and bring it back to green abundance. A great example is this garden, four-tenths of an acre...

Taking A Break To Celebrate

11 years ago by Dave Faries
That's right, City of Ate is taking a couple days off to watch college football and maybe (just maybe) have one or two drinks.However you choose to celebrate the new year, have a great time and stay safe.We've resolved to become the number one foreign food blog in Bhutan in...

To Save the Trees, Start by Saving Poor People

9 years ago by Jim Schutze
Maybe we need some context for this week's debate on Wal-Mart Stores Inc. vs. the tree canopy. After a not-very-uplifting debate yesterday including the line, "Trees do not vote," our esteemed city council voted to allow a developer to decimate a vast swath of the urban forest for a new...

Slow Food Dallas Wants to Plant a Seed
For Immigrant Neighborhood

10 years ago by Hanna Raskin
Slow Food Dallas is planning to use a portion of the proceeds from its upcoming $100 per plate benefit dinner to help launch a community garden in a Vickery Meadows area apartment complex. The local chapter has traditionally raised money to send delegates to the biannual Terra Madre conference in...

The Remaking of Vickery Meadow

9 years ago by Leslie Minora
Ray Mali dresses neatly in a collared cotton shirt, jeans, clean sneakers and a bulky leather jacket that doesn't keep him quite warm enough. It's eight o'clock on a January morning. He takes his last few gulps of tea and leaves for work, his muscles aching even before he steps...

Burning Question: Are Restaurants Looking Forward to 2009?

12 years ago by Dave Faries
Long about, oh, a few hours after midnight on New Year's, the Burning Question crew made a resolution.We felt strongly about it at the time--so much so that we carefully jotted the details in black ink. Apparently, in 2009, we plan to dedicate ourselves to the overthrow of Bhutan, which...

Also opening this week

21 years ago by Andy Klein
The Cup In a Tibetan monastery-in-exile in Bhutan, the head abbot (Lama Chonjor) is curious, though not the least bit ruffled, to discover that some of his monks are secretly sneaking off to a nearby town to watch World Cup matches on television. Not surprisingly, the abbot has never heard...

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