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Tim Mahoney Sings Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams, Yes That Bryan Adams, Will Show Photography in Dallas

8 years ago by Jamie Laughlin
We'd heard it was coming, then forgot. Then remembered. Then got bored and chose to forget again. Then ate some Donettes we keep in our emergency snack hutch and wondered why ALF didn't hold up with syndication and time. BUT THEN, JUST NOW, the official email arrived assuring us that...

Pete Schweddy Weighs In on Bryan Adams' G.P.S. Monitors

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
We began the week with news of Bryan Adams High School outfitting chronic truants with Global Positioning System monitors, which lead to a heated, inevitable debate over their use. And it hasn't ended: Yesterday, National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation ran a lengthy segment on the devices' use at...

Bryan Adams and Its GPS Devices Get a Couple of Minutes with Katie Couric

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
As no one in America is watching the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, you probably missed last night's piece on those truancy-curbing GPS devices currently in use at Bryan Adams. What I am saying -- of course you missed it. Now, you didn't. --Robert Wilonsky...

Trump's Gone, but the Texas GOP Keeps Drifting Rightward

22 days ago by Simone Carter
While some former loyalists walk away from the Republican Party, the Texas GOP continues its rightward drift.

Two Things That Come with G.P.S. Units: Rental Cars and Bryan Adams Students

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Like we're not always being monitored by government satellites anyway, please. Unfair Park contributor Brian Harkin this a.m. contributes to The New York Times a photo of 15-year-old Bryan Adams High School freshman Jaime Pacheco, who gets up every morning and straps on a Global Positioning System monitor. Turns out,...

Food News: Donny Sirisavath Pivots Again

3 months ago by Taylor Adams
The Fit Cook Is Selling Out of Commissary Kevin Curry, the founder of Fit Men Cook, has started his own lineup of at-home chef kits and prepared meals, all available at Commissary downtown. Right now there’s turkey lasagna, veggie jambalaya and a steak and broccoli pilaf on offer. Expect new...

A Shocked Music Scene Searches for Answers in ‘Kind’ Pianist Paul Allen’s Homicide

4 months ago by Eva Raggio
On Dec. 23, Dallas police responded to a welfare check for Timothy Paul Allen and found the 65-year-old dead in the passenger seat of his car. Dallas police announced Allen’s cause of death, per the medical examiner, as “homicidal violence.” Allen was a pianist, a longtime fixture in the cabaret...

Dallas ISD Unveils Hybrid Learning Model, but Teachers' Advocates Warn of COVID-19 Surge

7 months ago by Simone Carter
Dallas ISD's school board will vote Thursday on a hybrid learning model that would encompass all high schools and Lakewood Elementary.

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