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The Status of the Top 100 Restaurants in Dallas

3 months ago by Taylor Adams
The statuses of restaurants are changing regularly, and we're here to provide an update to the Top 100 Restaurants a list developed by Observer critic Brian Reinhart for 2020. We will do our best to keep this list up to date (feel free to email us those changes), and we'll provide...

How We Selected the Top 100 Dallas Restaurants

10 months ago by Brian Reinhart
2019 was a banner year for the Dallas restaurant industry. Bars set records for sales. Restaurants raised the standard in our city by reaching new levels of, and varieties of, excellence. Unpretentious but delicious neighborhood restaurants, in particular, are on the rise. Even as Dallas saw an uptick in new...

We Take a First Look at Muchacho in Preston Center

11 months ago by Taylor Adams
Dallas recently got a new spot for Tex-Mex, this one a bit fancier and pricier in the form of Muchacho, Omar Flores’ new spot in the Plaza at Preston Center. The nature of these “first look” pieces is to give an idea of what the place is about. If we...

Pulpo, Carnitas and Tikka Masala: Our Favorite Tacos from Taco Libre Dallas

2 years ago by Brian Reinhart
The only problem with Taco Libre is that my stomach doesn’t have room for all the tacos I want to eat. Dozens of taquerías set up shop at the Dallas Farmers Market on Saturday eager to impress with their best stuff, ranging from Oak Cliff tortilla factories to budding celebrity...

Casa Rubia Is the Best Restaurant in West Dallas' Hit-or-Miss Trinity Groves

6 years ago by Scott Reitz
"Dinner in Trinity Groves?" It's a question that so often sends my potential dining companions running for the hill country, a trail of withering dust the only evidence they ever existed. This restaurant empire, rising from the clay of West Dallas, isn't the only destination that has given me trouble,...

The City's Going After a Vickery Meadow Apartment Complex It Claims Isn't SAFE At All

9 years ago by Anna Merlan
The sprawling Casa Verde apartment complex doesn't look like anything much. It's a weathered collection of green buildings behind a long black fence that runs along a cracked street. Located on Fair Oaks, not far from Greenville and Park, it's tucked behind Today's Discount Food Mart, a taqueria and a...

Sigel's Hosts Tequila Tasting This Wednesday

7 years ago by Lauren Drewes Daniels
Just because school is out doesn't mean you shouldn't get your learn on. This Wednesday, Sigel's at 5757 Greenville Ave. will host a tequila "festival and tasting." But, isn't every tequila tasting a festival? The difference here is it's free. That's certainly a game changer. All you'll need to do...

Cheese: This Week In Dallas Dining

8 years ago by Scott Reitz
So cheese week happened. We've filled City of Ate with so much cheese news we looked like a full -on cheese blog. Even ol' Lee Harvey up in the header there is eating cheese. This week we ran a porny slide show devoted to some of the better cheese boards...

The Remaking of Vickery Meadow

9 years ago by Leslie Minora
Ray Mali dresses neatly in a collared cotton shirt, jeans, clean sneakers and a bulky leather jacket that doesn't keep him quite warm enough. It's eight o'clock on a January morning. He takes his last few gulps of tea and leaves for work, his muscles aching even before he steps...

Take a Tip from Spain: Have a Few Small Bites to Wash Down Your Happy Hour Libations

11 years ago by Chris Meesey
Barhopping during happy hour is a sacred rite of passage from workday to evening, but Spain's version of this time-honored tradition just might be better than ours. You see, we have nachos, quesadillas and wings as our standard happy hour fare. In Spain, they have chorizo al vino (sausage sauteed...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.