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A Complete List of the 2018 Dallas Observer Music Award Winners

6 months ago by Paige Skinner
Wow, last night was something. Something. We assume. We're writing this at 12:47 p.m. Tuesday, just hours before the Dallas Observer Music Awards ceremony at Canton Hall, but we're going to go ahead and assume it was something. Good or bad. Hopefully good and a lot of fun. (Editor's note:...

Steve Jackson Looks Back on His 500 Open Mics at Opening Bell Coffee

6 months ago by Jacob Vaughn
Every Tuesday morning, Steve Jackson gets out of bed and conjures up some clever way of reminding performers of Opening Bell Coffee’s open mic night. “I think my best one was based on the soliloquy from Field of Dreams,” Jackson says. “People will come Ray. They’ll come to Southside on Lamar for...

Presenting the 2018 DOMA Nominees

7 months ago by Paige Skinner
The Dallas Observer Music Awards survived its 20s. It can no longer blame its age on being stupid, or getting too drunk at a party, or not knowing what they want to do with the rest of their life. Well, they can, but society pities people in their 20s. Not...

10 Underrated Music Acts in North Texas

2 years ago by Mikel Galicia
North Texas has an abundance of talented musicians, but sometimes the bookers of DFW get hung up on old favorites and forget to try someone new. The acts on this list are underrated in some way, whether that means they haven't received much attention in the local press or they're...

The 2016 Dallas Observer Music Awards Winners

2 years ago by Jeff Gage
You might not always get what you want in this world, but Tuesday night at the Dallas Observer Music Awards the Dallas music community got a whole lot of what it needed. As the Observer honored local artists for the 28th year running at The Bomb Factory, handing out awards...

Events for the week

23 years ago by Jimmy Fowler
thursday march 28 Soup's On: The media information for "Soup's On," the performance showcase sponsored by The Writer's Garret and Stone Soup Workshop, is titled "BYOA--Bring Your Own Art." That pretty much sums up the collegial attitude of "Soup's On," which is scheduled the last Thursday of every month. The...

Some things he did

19 years ago by Jeff Liles
To those who knew Roxy Gordon, the news of his passing on February 7 may have caught them a little off guard, but the official cause of death didn't come as much of a surprise: cirrhosis of the liver. The man loved his liquor. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but...

Out Here

22 years ago by Tim Schuller
Seed catalog Texas Blues Radio Various artists Independent release Time was, KNON DJs who did Texas blues shows had to bring in old vinyl by dead guys. Now, they have new CDs by Dallas/Fort Worth players who are not only alive, but gigging in your neighborhood bar. Smart move to...

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