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Lesse, a Charles Schulz Original Peanuts Strip or a Lock of Che Guevara's Hair ...

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
This is the 1955 Peanuts strip Heritage will auction off next month -- yours for, oh, a hundred thou, maybe? A few months back, Heritage Auction Galleries set a world's record for the sale of an original Charles Schulz Peanuts Sunday comic strip: The Dallas-based auctioneer got $77,675 when it...

Che Guevara's Hair Sells for $119,000 to Houston Man Who Loves to Shop

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
From the sound of it, Butler & Sons Books in Rosenberg, which is about 20 miles west of Houston, is just your average rare-book store, selling for a couple thou first editions of All the King's Men, Tarzan of the Apes and other treasured tomes. Bill Butler bills his joint...


10 years ago by J.hoberman
And so the endless campaign wraps up with a flurry of virtual leaders. Richard Nixon will always be part of America's dreamlife, with or without David Frost; the Bush II legacy will linger for years, even as W. addresses a yearning for closure. Like our president-elect, Milk arrives from left...

Do Be Brief

13 years ago by Andrea Grimes
There are some people you just don't need to spend a whole lot of time with to get their point. Barney the Dinosaur. Paris Hilton. Certainly not Che Guevara, though whoever directed that Motorcycle Diaries movie could have lopped off a minute or 60 and just kept the parts where...

Defiling the Star | Madea for Me | Che What? | A Fitting Tribute | Pea-brained Mortals

Defiling the Star T.O. means B.S.: Magnificent article ("Eyes Wide Shut," by Richie Whitt, March 23). A friend asked me how I felt about the T.O. signing. I simply said, "Winning has become more important than honor." Yes, I am still a Cowboys fan, but I will NEVER be a...
Best Of Winner

Best Author

Ben Fountain

His story of leaving his lawyer career to pursue full-time fiction writing is inspiring enough to make us consider walking away from our own day job. The New Yorker "late bloomer" write-up by Malcolm Gladwell — about how contrary to popular belief, genius can emerge later in life — reinforced...

Crack Fountain’s Spine

6 years ago by Luke Darby
No matter how literary you are, we could all stand to be more well-read. Helping out with that is The Dallas Morning News, which hosts its seventh annual Points Book Club. For the first time, it features a Dallas-based author. Up for discussion is Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, the...

So, This Killer Review of Ben Fountain in the NYT Got Us Thinking...

7 years ago by Brentney Hamilton
It's hard not to hate a guy who gets a review this good in The New York Times, but when it comes to Ben Fountain, you've got to cheer him on. He's down-to-earth and affable, and that's not even to mention his undeniable talent. Fountain's first novel, Billy Lynn's Long...

Zoot Suit Riot

13 years ago by Andrea Grimes
According to Homies online resource, which has the 411 on the miniature figurines, the word "chuco" is short for "pachuco," a "low-riding, zoot suit-wearing Chicano from the '40s and '50s." This is relevant because it allows those of us not familiar with postwar Latino slang to better understand the...

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