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To Her To-Do List, Add This: Judge Says Kathy Nealy Owes AAC Parent 'Round $200,000

7 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Speaking of the company that operates the American Airlines Center ...While going through some federal courthouse docs this morning, which is how everyone should spend the day before the day before Christmas, I discovered that lawsuit concerning the former Chili's at the AAC lives on, with a trial date set...

John Wiley Price, Shuffling in Cuffs and Leg-Irons, Enters His Plea

5 years ago by Jim Schutze
Reporters do not gasp, generally speaking, but there were muttered exclamations that might as well have been gasps when Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, age 64, was led into a large and formal federal courtroom this afternoon. His hands were manacled behind his back, his awkward gait in leg-irons...


20 years ago by Patrick Williams
In his own defense You would think that three death-penalty prosecutions and, finally, a no-contest plea from Kerry Max Cook would be enough to satisfy prosecutors in Tyler, who are ever looking for a way to repair their reputations as doers of justice. Yet the Smith County District Attorney's Office...

Judge, not?

24 years ago by Ann Zimmerman
For the third time in five years, an African-American attorney has been nominated to the federal bench in the North Texas District. And for the third time, that nomination has stalled--again a victim, insiders say, of partisan politics. Cheryl Wattley, a former federal prosecutor now in private legal practice in...

A Fool for a Client

16 years ago by Thomas Korosec
It was a big claim for small-claims court: "I think he killed his wife." The words reverberated through a near-empty justice of the peace court last Thursday, providing an odd new twist in the case of Sharon Davis, an Oak Cliff schoolteacher who disappeared nearly two years ago and is...

Campaign casualty

23 years ago by Ann Zimmerman
A few weeks ago, as Cheryl Wattley was filling out her daughter's financial-aid package for Amherst College where she'll be a freshman this fall, the Dallas attorney and single mother of four paused when it came to questions about her job status. Are you employed? the application asked. Well, sort...


Sweat Jesus Thanks for Kaylois Henry's excellent story about Bishop T.D. Jakes ["Bishop Jakes is ready. Are you?" June 20]. Having watched his show on TBN several times recently, I wondered about his background and his apparent rising status in the TV-preacher business. Henry's well-written piece answered my questions, and...

When Innocent Prisoners Finally Go Free, Their Prosecutors Do, Too

7 years ago by Leslie Minora
The outcome was already determined, the stories already written, but the cameras and the recorders were out anyway, waiting for the judge to say the words. He was about to declare Richard Miles actually, technically, legally innocent of a 1994 murder, a shooting at a Texaco station near Bachman Lake...

Beyond DNA, Difficult Tests for the Justice System

7 years ago by Leslie Minora
The scene this mid-November night felt more like a clip from Leave It To Beaver than Law and Order. Dale Duke sat with his elderly parents eating dinner in their quiet Dallas home. A crystal vase of red roses decorated the dining room table; soft classical music played in the...

Jurist imprudence

22 years ago by Ann Zimmerman
Misty Murphy was terrified. It was her very first trial in her short career as a defense attorney, and she was facing a jury in the courtroom of municipal Judge Faith Hill. To say that the strawberry blonde Murphy was inexperienced is an understatement. After all, she's only 15 years...

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