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When Republicans and Corporations Start Looking Good, Please Pass the Hemlock

4 years ago by Jim Schutze
R.G. Ratcliffe, former investigative ace for The Houston Chronicle and long one of the top reporters in Texas (maybe the top), has a wonderful piece up this week on the Texas Monthly politics blog about Bill Hammond, chief executive officer of the Texas Association of Business (state Chamber of Commerce)...

10 Best Dallas-based Etsy Shops

5 years ago by Amy McCarthy
Most of us would much rather buy something than make it, especially if it's hand-made by a much more creative and talented person. Fortunately, the rise of Etsy and the DIY trend has made it much easier to find unique goods crafted by individual artists and not sweatshop workers. No...

The Politely Evil Empire

5 years ago by Pete Kotz
Meet America's business cheerleaders. People tend to view the Chamber of Commerce in the same colors as the Rotary Club or the Knights of Columbus: officious do-gooders lending a helpful hand in the name of economy and country. It's a largely accurate assessment — at least on the local level...

The 10 Most Corrupt Tax Loopholes

7 years ago by Chris Parker
A year ago Citizens for Tax Justice, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit, studied the tax returns of 280 corporations. What it found was a Beltway version of a Mafia protection scheme. From 2008 to 2010, at least 30 Fortune 500 companies — including PepsiCo, Verizon, Wells Fargo and DuPont — paid...

As Package Stores Feel "Significant Impact" From Citywide Beer and Wine Sales, More Docs Are Filed Before Next Week's Hearing

8 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
City Hall was kind enough yesterday to pass along a recording of Monday's meeting of the city's Transportation and Environment Committee meeting. That's the meeting during which DART board member Jerry Christian told council member Jerry Allen he was no longer associated with the litigation attempting to overturn the vote...

Pumped Out

19 years ago by Bob Burtman
A Month before he closed his Texaco service station at Forest Lane and Webb Chapel Road, Greg Kraft surveyed the array of honors lining his office wall--Texaco Excellence Winner, Award of Achievement, Top Performer Award--and laughed grimly. "We never felt that our future was in question," Kraft said. "I don't...

Don't cry for me, Amarillo

23 years ago by Miriam Rozen
In the annals of business history, what took place in the high-ceilinged ballroom of the posh Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas late last July surely qualified as a moment: T. Boone Pickens Jr. very nearly cried in public. The occasion was the annual meeting of Mesa Inc., the oil...

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