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Roll over, Chuck Berry

24 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
The songs are 40 years old, their echoes already fading from our collective memory; they are rarely listened to anymore, needles hardly ever running through their grooves. But the music created in 1955 at places like Sun Records or at Chess Records still rings with as much power, as much...

Homegrown Fest Brought the Goods After One-Day Rain Delay

1 month ago by David Fletcher
Homegrown Fest X With Toadies, Seryn, Tripping Daisy, Ben Kweller and more Main Street Garden Park and The Kessler, Dallas April 13 and 14, 2019 It was all rescheduled so suddenly, but you never would have known it. On Friday, fans and media outlets received notice that the 10th anniversary...

Michael Buble Was His Goofy Self While Spreading Joy Monday Night

2 months ago by Preston Jones
What is love if not a mix of the sublime and the silly? Michael Buble acknowledged as much near the top of his two-hour performance Monday night at American Airlines Center. “There are 15,000 people in here,” he said, clad in a dapper black suit and sporting a light scruff...

The Dream Tray: Building the Perfect Meal From DFW’s Best Barbecue Joints

1 month ago by Chris Wolfgang
Even casual sports fans know about the Dream Team. Finally allowed to tap professionals to participate in the Olympics in 1992, Team USA picked the best basketball players the NBA had to offer and assembled what is widely considered the greatest sports team ever. The Dream Team ran roughshod over...

Little Sandwich, Big Flavor: The Best Sliders in Dallas

1 year ago by Nick Rallo
When they’re made right, sliders are a flawless food. Contrary to the lackluster sliders you've been burned by before, they are not lazy, brunch versions of a cheeseburger. They shouldn't be throw-away sandwiches, carelessly fired on the grill until they taste like charred hockey pucks. When they’re great, sliders are...

The Forgotten R&B Club That Saved Dallas' Musical Soul

2 years ago by Jeff Gage
Angus Wynne wasn't sure what he'd gotten himself into as the crowds showed up to his club on opening night. It wasn't quite 8 p.m., when doors were set to open, but already a line of people stretched around the block. The new Dallas club that Wynne and his partners...

Don't Blame Texas for Textbook's Slavery Whitewash. For Once.

4 years ago by Eric Nicholson
The Texas State Board of Education, the body that decides what millions of Texas schoolchildren should and shouldn't learn, is the frequent subject and ridicule, and rightly so, what with its penchant for pushing creationism into science curricula, identifying Moses as an architect of the U.S. Constitution, chalking up the...

Meet the Artists, Crusaders and Revivalists Rediscovering Dallas' Blues Heritage

3 years ago by Eva Raggio
RL's Blues Palace II, in the Fair Park neighborhood, is a stand-alone venue in more ways than one. Its surrounding streets are far from Dallas' sanctioned nightlife districts. The adjacent strip mall parking lots get crowded with loiterers on hot summer nights, hanging out on the backs of cars or...

John Congleton Talks The Paper Chase's Tragic First Show, The Nighty Nite's Early Goings.

8 years ago by Eric Grubbs
John Congleton is a name you've long associated with his roles as a producer and as the leader of The Paper Chase. But be ready to hear more from his new band, The Nighty Nite, in the coming months.As the band, which also features Jason Garner of the final Paper...

Austin Legend Alejandro Escovedo Finds New Home in Dallas After Near-Death Experience

3 years ago by Karen Brooks Harper
For a while there two years ago, it seemed to Alejandro Escovedo as though it were all crumbling. His legendary rock 'n' roll career. His physical health. His mind. His beloved Austin, a place he had helped create as much as it had created him. About the only thing Alejandro could see...

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