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Watch the Dallas Police Department Watch You

9 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Couple of weeks back Patrick spent the day hanging out with the Big Brothers watching the watchers at the American Society for Industrial Security confab at Dallas Convention Center. Turns out, some attendees were also given an all-access pass to the Dallas Police Department's video surveillance operations center, located at...

Dallas Police Department Wants To Cut College Requirement for New Officers

9 months ago by Stephen Young
As the Dallas Police Department continues to fight high attrition rates and low staffing levels, department officials said Monday they want to get rid of one of DPD's most onerous requirements for new recruits. Assuming the Dallas City Council signs off on the change, the department will take on recruits...

Dallas Police Department Discovers the World Wide Interwebs

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Whilst tending to the morning YouTube sweep, I stumbled across surveillance-camera footage shot at a 7-Eleven at 9820 Walnut Street, taken just before the store was robbed by two men. The video was posted by the Dallas Police Department, and it marks the department's debut on the YouTubes. "We are...

Dallas Police Department's Revamped Vice Unit Rolls Out Wednesday

10 months ago by Stephen Young
After more than a year of makeshift enforcement for crimes like gambling and prostitution, the Dallas Police Department is finally set to roll out its reconstituted vice unit later this week, Assistant Chief Paul Stokes said Monday. Twenty-one officers will staff the new unit, three-quarters of the number that worked...

Dallas Police Department Wants to Add Drones to Its Arsenal

11 months ago by Stephen Young
The Dallas Police Department wants to start patrolling the space between its cops on the ground and its helicopter unit, DPD Assistant Chief Paul Stokes said Monday. The department wants drones, he said, to keep officers safe and provide better surveillance of protests, demonstrations and other large events. Stokes compared...

Dallas Police Department Closes the Book on Dog Mauling Death

3 years ago by Stephen Young
No one, it seems, will be charged with a crime in the South Dallas dog mauling death of Antoinette Brown. The Dallas Police Department announced Monday that there is no conclusive link between Brown and the seven dogs impounded near the Rutledge Street vacant lot on which Brown was killed...

Dallas Police Department Brass Calls a Police Shooting "Reckless"

5 years ago by Sky Chadde
Dallas News | In December of last year, Kelvion Walker became another black teenager shot by a police officer. He had jumped into the passenger's seat of a car his friend had stolen without his knowledge, but his friend bailed when Officer Amy Wilburn approached. This left Walker alone...

Submissions Are Open for a Mural Facing Dallas Police Department Headquarters in the Cedars

3 years ago by Jennifer Smart
Spend any amount of time in one of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods around downtown Dallas and odds are you’ll come across a mural or two (or five or six). Dallas real estate developers have a strong recent history of working with artists on projects geared toward beautifying their properties and,...

Dallas Police Department Will Host a Class for Officers on the Rights of Citizens to Film Cops

5 years ago by Sky Chadde
Less than two weeks after three people were arrested for filming Arlington police officers conducting a traffic stop, the Dallas Police Department announced Wednesday it will offer a class for law enforcement officers on people's rights to film them in public spaces. Also, the department, along with national journalism organizations,...

It Seems the Dallas Police Department Has its Own Lowrider

7 years ago by Eric Nicholson
Victor Lozada was a 19-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department when he was killed in a motorcycle crash while escorting then-presidential contender Hillary Clinton to a campaign rally in Oak Cliff on February 22, 2008. His death yielded a momentary pause to the hard-fought Democratic primary, an organ donation...

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