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U.S. Mayors Say They Need More Money and Flexibility From Congress

6 months ago by Jacob Vaughn
U.S. cities are experiencing budget shortfalls amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Although Congress has greenlit about $3 trillion in coronavirus relief, Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams said most American cities have been left behind. "Cities have been on the front line of the battle, and we are being hit hard," he said...

Waylon Jennings Helped Discover Beaumont Native Jesse Dayton

3 years ago by Nicholas Bostick
Jesse Dayton got his start at a young age, sneaking into honky-tonks and jamming with zydeco bands as a teenager in Beaumont. He’s spent the last four years touring the country on the biggest run of his career as a solo act. But while his love of music was always...

Jesse Dayton

17 years ago by Darryl Smyer
Texan Jesse Dayton's fourth solo effort is just shy of a revelation. Since disbanding the Road Kings, he has proven to be a competent, if nondescript, purveyor of Joe Ely-style Texana, playing solid roots music to those folks wanting more brains than Toby Keith can supply. With Country Soul Brother,...

Ken Burns Docuseries Country Music Premiered at Southern Methodist University on Thursday

1 year ago by Garrett Gravley
KERA hosted a preview screening of the upcoming Ken Burns docuseries Country Music on Thursday at Southern Methodist University’s McFarlin Auditorium, and we had the esteemed privilege of attending and even speaking with Burns’ co-collaborators Dayton Duncan (writer and lead producer) and Julie Dunfey (co-producer.) Between all three producers, there are...

Violence in Media: The Longtime Scapegoat for Society’s Failures

1 year ago by Jacob Vaughn
For someone who enjoys saying he's not just another politician, President Donald Trump sure sounds like one when he talks about violence in movies and video games. He cites it as a contributing factor to gun violence, dating back to the 1999 Columbine High School shooting. "We must stop the...

Attorney General William Barr Comes to Dallas to Promote Safe Neighborhoods Initiative

1 year ago by Meredith Lawrence
Attorney General William Barr appeared with Senator John Cornyn to promote safe neighborhood program while side-stepping the issue of wide-spread gun control.

Jeff "JT" Dayton, Sound Man For The Doublewide: "These Are Some Good Times"

7 years ago by Alan Ayo
He's performed with some bands like Ghoultown, Bit Rot and The Gorehounds, but he's mostly flying the ship behind the scenes right now, and we're lucky to have him in town. He's one of those guys that even when the party gets extra wacko, he's professional and focused enough to...

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Kesha and Macklemore, Bun B, Cold Cave and More

3 years ago by Diamond Rodrigue
Kick off the first week of summer with a co-headlining tour by Kesha and Macklemore; Slayer or Dallas's first Wobbleland festival at the Bomb Factory; cozy in at Andy's Bar in Denton for an intimate show featuring Bun B with AV the Great and Smitty and more. Funky Knuckles9 p.m...

Did Texas Prison Guards Drive Marinda Griggs to Kill Herself?

3 years ago by Margaret Downing
On a late September day in 2015, Inmate No. 1455104 was supposed to be standing quietly in line for a midday prison count in the women’s unit at a Gatesville prison. But Marinda Griggs, a longtime epileptic, could feel a seizure coming on and asked to go to the medical...

Dallas City Hall Irrational, Corrupt, Stupid and Quite Happy, Thank You

3 years ago by Jim Schutze
Sometimes it’s a good exercise to listen closely to what Dallas City Council member Rickey Callahan says is going on. Take whatever he says. Turn it upside down. Now you’re looking at reality. He’s a coffee table puzzle. Last week at a meeting of the council’s Patronage and Payola Committee...

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