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From Narcos: Mexico to Hollywood, Julio Cesar Cedillo Keeps it Texan

5 months ago by Alex Gonzalez
You may catch Julio Cesar Cedillo on your screen, but you won’t catch him living in Hollywood. This Texas-bred actor has a deep love for his Latin roots. Cedillo was born in Durango, Mexico. His father, a truck driver from Hebbronville in South Texas, met Cedillo’s mother and a baby...

This Weekend: A Bourbon Dinner, Beer Breakfast and Black Restaurant Week Culinary Showcase

2 years ago by Paige Weaver
Wolfgang Puck, Dean Fearing, Robert Del Grande, Jacob Williamson and Hiroyuki Fujino are hosting a dinner celebrating their reunion. It will feature the flavors of Asia and Texas, with live culinary stations where guests can interact with the chefs. Each chef will create a unique dish using decadent ingredients, including...

Rio Grande or Rio Bravo? Why Can't Mexico and the U.S. Agree?

9 years ago by Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: Why can't the United States and Mexico agree on just one name for the Rio Bravo/Grande river? And I don't understand why the Americans lo dice in español? —Marfa Maven Dear Wabette: The Mexican is a Californian by the grace of God so doesn't dare tread the intellectual...

The Texas House Votes Today on Letting Breweries Sell Their Beers to Go

2 years ago by Brian Reinhart
Today, the Texas House will vote on whether Texas will remain the one and only state in the U.S. that doesn't allow breweries to sell their beer directly to consumers for off-premise consumption.

"Sanctuary Cities" Bill Is Threatening Health of Texas Latinos, New Study Says

3 years ago by Stephen Young
The Texas Legislature's 2017 "sanctuary cities" bill, which requires local law enforcement and elected officials to cooperate with federal immigration authorities or face loss of state funding or removal from office, is already harming the health of Texas children and their families, according to new research from Human Impact Partners,...

Your Dallas International Film Festival Guide for Working Stiffs With Day Jobs (Ugh)

3 years ago by Jamie Laughlin
It’s Dallas International Film Festival, 2018 and you’re an indoor kid who wants to sit in a chair, uninterrupted, for eight days and allow your body to atrophy naturally. But you’ve got a day job. What’s a corporate sellout to do? Well, great news: This handy guide is for you,...

21 Things to Do in Dallas This Week

3 years ago by The Mixmaster
Thu 2/8Here we have two of the best rappers in the world, two rappers who grew up together, two rappers who sit stylistically at different poles. There’s the stark, heady and cold philosophizing of Vince Staples set against Tyler, the Creator’s warm, technicolor revelry. Staples' tracks balance hardline street values...

Laura’s Theme: Tracing the Distraught DNA of Twin Peaks’ Dead Heroine

4 years ago by Melissa Anderson
The tagline for David Lynch’s Inland Empire (2006), which he has avowed is his final film, is a four-word fragment: “a woman in trouble.” However simple, the phrase hypnotically evokes the sinister, insoluble mysteries that have been at the core of many of his ten features and especially in Twin...

Harry Hunsicker’s Seventh Novel, The Devil’s Country, Investigates a West Texas Cult

4 years ago by Leah Pickett
The Devil’s Country, out April 11, is the latest crime thriller from local author Harry Hunsicker, whose novels and short stories tend to take place in and around his hometown of Dallas. The new book, however, is largely set in the fictional Piedra Springs in remote West Texas and centers...

Wrestlemania Main Event Confirmed. Get Ready to Boo!

5 years ago by Chris McDonald
The Wrestlemania 32 card began to take form last night at “WWE Fastlane” as Roman Reigns defeated both Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose in a #1 contender match to face Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania. With a little less than 6 weeks...

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