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Dallas Voiceover Actor Gabe Kunda Wants to Inspire Other Children of Immigrants to Follow Their Dreams

1 month ago by Brittany Nunn
Like most '90s kids, Gabe Kunda watched too much TV growing up, but in his case it paid off. Kunda is a full-time voiceover actor, which is a gig he’s been obsessively pursuing since his sophomore year of high school. Now he’s working hard to inspire others to pursue their...

Watch the Video of Dallas Zoo Gorilla Saambili’s First Birthday Party

3 months ago by Ana Astri-O'Reilly
Saambili, the first baby gorilla born at the Dallas Zoo in 20 years, turned one this past Tuesday. The staff presented her with a fruit-and-veggie cake with ice treats that spelled her name and age on a bed of kale. Saambili, who showed up to her party riding on her...

Texas Students Will Learn That the Civil War Was About Slavery. Sort of.

1 month ago by Silas Allen
Beginning this fall, Texas students will learn a fact that's as true today as it was in 1861: Texas and the 10 other states that made up the Confederacy seceded from the Union over the issue of slavery. New state social studies standards for fifth and seventh grades require students...
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Deep Vellum Publishing

If print is dead, it seems publisher Will Evans didn't get the message. In a little over a year, he's published seven books translated into English from other languages including French, Spanish and Russian. His commitments to both his translation company, Deep Vellum Publishing, and to the city of Dallas...

Potential Noncitizens Have Cast 58,000 Votes in Texas, Paxton Says

8 months ago by Stephen Young
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton dropped quite the bombshell Friday afternoon: Nearly a year after his office announced an extensive voter fraud initiative, the Texas Secretary of State's office has discovered that about 95,000 individuals identified as not having documentation of their citizenship on file with the Texas Department of...

American Idol Contestant Ron Bultongez Dedicates His First EP to City of Plano

1 year ago by Eric Grubbs
North Texans like to kick Plano around. To its detractors, it’s an area apparently devoid of culture or anything worth venturing north of LBJ Freeway for. But the Collin County town saved Ron Bultongez's life. Bultongez, a singer-songwriter, was on the ABC reboot of American Idol. When he initially tried...

In 2019, Mueller's Silence So Far on Collusion May Suddenly Make Sense

9 months ago by Jim Schutze
This won’t take a minute, I promise. I am writing on New Year’s Eve day, trying to peer ahead. I have this one question: Why wouldn’t President Donald Trump and his supporters interpret special counsel Robert Mueller’s relative silence on collusion in exactly the opposite way they have been interpreting...

Forgotten No More

12 years ago by Mark Hughes
A photograph only has a flat page on which to work its mystery. How good must a photograph be to grab our attention and change the world then? What must be captured on paper to change public perception or policy? Whatever that mysterious "it" is, it seems that every year...

Let's Hope Dallas County Democratic Party Is Not a Window on 2018

2 years ago by Jim Schutze
Let’s not you and me try to answer the question of whether 2018 will see a huge, biblical, roaring, wrathful, tsunami-sized day of reckoning for Republicans in which they will be abraded from the surface of the earth. For the sake of conversation, we’ll take that as a given. And...

Today's Press Needs to Be Revolutionary, Not "Above Reproach"

10 months ago by Jim Schutze
The nation seems to be splitting in half, so why shouldn’t journalism? Right now we seem to have two camps — the half of the craft that recognizes the kind of lying crooks they’re dealing with and knows what it will take to beat them and the other half, the...

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