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Not a Documentary

5 years ago by Danny Gallagher
Imagine a society that’s run by computers where older people are deemed unfit for existence and shuffled away from the public’s eyes and conscience. Bummer, huh? OK then, dummy, stop watching the damn news and head out to Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.). At 8 p.m. Saturday the Oak...

10 Electronic Music Documentaries That Will Make You an Expert

4 months ago by Wanz Dover
The world of electronic music is dense and varied with more genres, subgenres and non-genres than most other types of music. To the uninitiated, it can be intimidating. To those who just discovered dance music in the last decade, there is a common pitfall of lumping it all under the...

Dallas Pilot Recalls Flying During 9/11 Terror Attacks in New Documentary

2 months ago by Paige Skinner
On Sept. 11, 2001, American Airlines Capt. Beverley Bass was flying a routine trip from Paris to Dallas. As she was flying over the middle of the north Atlantic, she got word that one of the Twin Towers was hit. Then 20 minutes later, the other was hit. “In the...

A Dallas Theater Depicts Inhumane Border Crisis With a Documentary-Style Play

4 months ago by Karen Gavis
A thin white line snakes across the floor of Kitchen Dog Theater’s stage before a backdrop of lackluster red wooden pallets, joined by sections of chain-link fence. Then the chanting begins. “Build the wall!” cast members bellow. ”Build the Wall!” It was opening weekend for Crossing the Line, a documentary-style...

Best-Selling Illustrator Arturo Torres Talks Movies, Fatherhood and Setting Records

2 days ago by Tyler Hicks
Arturo Torres has the best reason for missing my first phone call: His son was asleep on top of him. “Sorry, bro,” the illustrator is quick to say. “I’m a father now, so you know how it goes.” I do not, in fact, know how it goes, but anyone who...

Here’s What Happened When ‘Straight Pride’ Activists Planned a 2,000-Person March through Downtown Dallas

3 days ago by Lucas Manfield
A few weeks ago, a group of out-of-town activists told their followers they were going to make a "mighty impact on Dallas" by marching through downtown on Saturday, "spreading the joys of straight pride" to all who would hear. On Saturday morning, three people showed up. The march had, in...

Jonas Brothers’ State Fair Concert Is Highlighted in Their New Documentary

6 months ago by Paige Skinner
In Chasing Happiness, a new documentary on Amazon Prime Video, the Jonas Brothers look back on their rise to fame and then their inevitable fall. What started out as just three brothers playing guitar and singing together turned into a deal on Disney's record label and a starring part in...

Documentary About Transgender Wrestler Will Screen at DIFF

7 months ago by Alex Gonzalez
“I wish I was labeled as just my name, instead of being the ‘transgender wrestler,’” says Mack Beggs in Mack Wrestles, an upcoming documentary for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. In 2017, Beggs was the subject of much media attention after winning the Texas high school girls state wrestling championship...

Lorena Bobbitt Talks Christine Ford, MeToo and Advocacy Ahead of Arlington Domestic Violence Conference

25 days ago by Eva Raggio
Lorena Bobbitt, who now uses her maiden name Gallo, became the controversial face of domestic abuse in 1993, when the Ecuadorian-born manicurist was arrested after castrating husband John Bobbitt with a kitchen knife, and throwing his penis out of her car window after, she alleged, suffering years of spousal abuse...

Tom Vandergriff Spent 13 Years Trying to Bring Major League Baseball to Arlington. His Story Will Now Be on Film.

29 days ago by Karen Gavis
It’s no surprise that Parker Vandergriff dreams big and isn’t afraid to take a long shot. Standing before a beer-guzzling crowd at Legal Draft brewery, former Star-Telegram publisher O.K. Carter describes Vandergriff as a major talent in production. As a creative producer with The Richards Group overseeing video, digital and...

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