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On Day One of Animal Cruelty Trial, A Simple Question: How Hard Is It to Free a Trapped Cat?

9 years ago by Anna Merlan
After completing jury selection yesterday, the prosecution began laying out its case this morning in the felony animal cruelty trial of former animal shelter manager Tyrone McGill, who is currently on administrative leave and continues to draw a paycheck from the city of Dallas. "This is not a difficult case,"...

Volunteers Fill the Gap in Dallas' Broken System for Collecting Stray Animals

5 years ago by Amy Martyn
“Hi,” the woman says, in a voice that isn't friendly. “What are you doing?” It's a pitch black night in mid-August in Southeast Dallas. Marina Tarashevska wields a camera as she approaches the back of a black pickup. A man wearing a cowboy hat opens the driver's door to get...

In South Dallas, a Fight Between Dog Rescuer and Neighborhood Turns Ugly. (RIP, Booger.)

8 years ago by Anna Merlan
A years-long dispute between a woman who runs a dog rescue out of her home and her increasingly annoyed neighbors has resulted in hundreds of phone calls to Animal Control, a felony robbery conviction, one dead dog and, we're guessing, some pretty awkward block parties. "This has been going on...

Dallas taxpayers have every right to be pissed about the goings on at the city's animal shelter.

9 years ago by Andrea Grimes
Before it starved to death last May, the cat could be heard by shelter workers, crying and clawing, trying to escape the confines of the break room wall behind which it had become trapped at Dallas Animal Services. Cats do especially badly in animal shelters, naturally preferring dark, quite repose...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.