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The Suffers Discuss Returning to Dallas for First Time Since Being Robbed After Homegrown Fest

8 hours ago by Garrett Gravley
Houston-based soul and R&B outfit The Suffers had some abysmal luck following a set at this year’s Homegrown Fest. As we reported back in April, the eight-piece band lost about $33,000 worth of equipment when thieves took off with the band’s detached trailer, which stood in the parking lot at...

Dallas-Based Man Charged With Running Large-Scale Human Trafficking Ring

8 days ago by Stephen Young
Federal officials announced Wednesday that they've arrested a Dallas-based man on sex trafficking charges. Tremont Blakemore may have trafficked hundreds of victims, according to the feds, keeping them under his control through violence, intimidation and frequent threats. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's investigations arm began looking into Blakemore in...

Abbott Issues Executive Orders in Response to El Paso, Odessa Murders

14 days ago by Stephen Young
Wednesday, Texas House Democrats made a show of force, or as close to a show of force as a party out of power can make, around the state. At a series of media events, dozens of Democrats laid into Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, calling on him to convene a special...

Proposed Apartment Complex and Lack of Transparency Worry Denton Residents

1 month ago by Meredith Lawrence
A proposed apartment complex in Denton threatens the character of the neighborhood, residents say.

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Anti-BDS Law

5 months ago by Stephen Young
Texas' law banning government agencies from doing business with people or other businesses that support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel is on hold Thursday night after a federal judge issued an injunction against it, ruling that it is likely unconstitutional. The boycott, divestment and sanctions movement calls for...

A Dallas Theater Depicts Inhumane Border Crisis With a Documentary-Style Play

2 months ago by Karen Gavis
A thin white line snakes across the floor of Kitchen Dog Theater’s stage before a backdrop of lackluster red wooden pallets, joined by sections of chain-link fence. Then the chanting begins. “Build the wall!” cast members bellow. ”Build the Wall!” It was opening weekend for Crossing the Line, a documentary-style...

Who Is Shawn Mendes? We Saw Him in Dallas on Monday Night, and We Still Don’t Know

2 months ago by Garrett Gravley
It's difficult to listen to commercial pop music with a critical mind, and that is said with no hint of irony. You would think that commercial pop’s mainstream accessibility and focus-grouped nature would make artists of the genre easy to evaluate, but if anything, the corporate nature of such music...

Did Chief Hall Get Released From the Hospital or Just Climb Out a Window?

2 months ago by Jim Schutze
Pretend it’s midnight, and I’m rolling by some cops who are standing on the street in Dallas. I stop. I put my window down. I say, “It’s 12 o’clock at night. Do you know where your chief is?” Only I don’t really make jokes with cops on the street. Too...

FAA Report Found Safety Violations in Post Malone’s 2018 Emergency Landing

3 months ago by Juan Betancourt
Last year, rapper Post Malone was one of 15 people on board a private Gulfstream IV jet that was forced to make an emergency landing after the tires blew out on Aug. 21, 2018. According to the Federal Aviation Administration report, the flight crew ignored several safety procedures. Reportedly, the...

Dallas Courthouse Shooting Suspect’s Facebook Paints Picture of Weeks Prior to Shooting

3 months ago by Stephen Young
Photos and videos from a Facebook page apparently belonging to Brian Isaack Clyde, the 22-year-old man identified by federal officials as the person who shot up downtown Dallas' Earle Cabell federal courthouse, show the suspected shooter handling a rifle that looks similar to the one he was with which photographed...

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