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The Mysterious Work That Is Frank X. Tolbert's Austin Motel, Room 133

8 years ago by Jenny Block
The piece is called Lake Austin Motel, Room 133. But as soon as I hear the title, I think of Lake Austin Spa Resort. I imagine the reclining figure is taking a much needed break after taking Nia classes and kayaking in the lake all day long. The black and...

Chili Challenge: Tolbert's Restaurant vs. Chili's

9 years ago by Steven Doyle
Sitting in traffic when it is 105 degrees outside takes a toll on a person's spirit. The heat in Dallas seems worse each year, but we are Texans, and we can handle a little weather. August was just as hot in the 19th century when the Chili Queens raced around...

Former Cowboy Frank Cornish Dead at 40

11 years ago by Richie Whitt
Rest in peace, No. 68. Sobering news this afternoon as former Dallas Cowboy Frank Cornish was found dead last night in his Southlake home of an apparent heart attack. Cornish, who would’ve been 41 next month, was just yesterday talking to former Cowboys about an upcoming mini-reunion. Players like Larry...

Iris 'n' Amber

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
What’s become of Susie Priore’s grand neighborhood restaurant Iris, which shuttered April Fool’s weekend after burning out from competition and undercapitalizing sclerosis? Hark, it will soon be…Campisi’s No. 4, but you may know this number better. Yes, that’s right. Iris’ corpse will be the new home of Campisi’s Inwood Village,...

5 Art Events for Your Weekend, October 14-16

3 years ago by Rachel Williams
FIVE: Ties That Bind The Art Room 2712 Weisenberger St., Fort Worth 6-9 p.m. Friday Sibling rivalry. Mommy issues. Crazy aunts. Local artist Deedra Baker explores these themes and more at FIVE: Ties That Bind, a one-night show featuring portraits, still lifes and landscapes that document the nexus of three...

Mind-Bending Light-Benders

8 years ago by Jesse Hughey
Contrary to our first guess, slitscan photography is not a euphemism for office-created porn made by hiking up one's skirt and sitting on a scanner. (Copiers are sturdier anyway, so stick to the Xerox machine.) It's actually a photographic technique that captures motion, stretching its subject to impossible lengths, and...

Dedication: Riding From Downtown Dallas to Grapevine for a Bowl of Red

9 years ago by Hanna Raskin
I've eaten Tex-Mex and Texas barbecue at least a half-dozen times each since moving here last month, but as my ate-that list was still short a traditional bowl of chili, I set out this morning for lunch at Tolbert's in Grapevine. Tolbert's, of course, is a legendary chili parlor, first...

The intentional tourist

20 years ago by Christina Rees
Despite dozens of travel shows and guide books--namely the homogenized promos covering transatlantic journey--we have little media that give us the real skinny on what it's like to traverse another continent. Michael Palin's PBS series Pole to Pole comes closer than most. The intrepid Monty Pythoner braves the fringes and...

On The Range: Chili Con Carne

10 years ago by Chris Meesey
Chili con carne, better known as chili for short, was named Official State Dish of Texas back in the late 1970s. Why chili and not barbecue or steak? According to Paul Burka, political writer, food guru, and all-around resident curmudgeon of Texas Monthly magazine, the esteemed members of the Texas...

Springtime for Dallas and Plano with Tequila and Chili at Red's Patio Grill

9 years ago by Chris Meesey
Spring's awakening. The city returns to life after winter's long slumber. Of course, March means college basketball and St. Patrick's Day, but it also means the start of patio season, the all-too-brief time when we can dine alfresco between snow and scorch. There are plenty of patios to take advantage...

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