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Curchack's wild oats

20 years ago by Jimmy Fowler
Internationally feted actor-writer Fred Curchack loves talking about the gap between the "groundlings" and the "sophisticates" when discussing one of his favorite writers, William Shakespeare. Specifically, he loves how hyper-learned critics like Harold Bloom get all red-faced wading into the mosh pit to snatch back Willie's language from indecent interpretations...

Moving Pictures

8 years ago by James A. Keith
Nothing says love like reeling through the musings of the family table. The pokes, the prods and incessant meanderings about how things were "way back when" are enough to drive anyone back to the kids' table. But despite all the annoyances, our family is ultimately what brings focus to our...

Father Knows Best

7 years ago by Jennifer Medina
If you’re looking for interesting, inspired and irreverent stage performances, then head directly to see the veterans at Undermain Theatre (3200 Main St.). Its current production of Burying Our Father: A Biblical Debacle, written by Fred Curchack, puts a new spin on the tale of Isaac and Ishmael as they...

Not Much to Dig in Undermain Theatre's Burying Our Father

7 years ago by Elaine Liner
If Burying Our Father, the biblical whatchamacallit at Undermain Theatre, is supposed to be comedy, it needs to be funnier. If it's supposed to be performance art, it needs more original moves. If it's supposed to be a slightly too-long, goofy Sunday school pageant performed by a likable older couple,...

Monkey Do Right

11 years ago by Merritt Martin
To be imprisoned by Buddha, one must have done something fairly heinous. or at least somehow interpreted as malicious. I'd think that making war with heaven would be on the top of the heap of disdainable actions...probably second, however, to making love with hell, though, I'm not really sure how...

Subdivided and Conquer

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Got a missive yesterday from a Little Forest Hills resident who reminds us to mark the calendar: January 3. A little early still, but the reason's a good one: That's when University of Texas-Dallas new media and emergent communications professor Dean Terry's documentary Subdivided debuts on KERA-TV. Had no idea...

Undermain Theatre's New Season is Full of Lusty Greeks, Vampires

7 years ago by Brentney Hamilton
Actually, it's a lot better than it sounds. A lot. Undermain Theatre just announced its 29th season, full of lusty Greeks, biblical farces and vampires that don't sparkle. At least we don't think they do. The experimental playhouse's "Season of Myth" consists of four plays and three readings at the...

Far Out East

12 years ago by Noah W. Bailey
NOH—Angels, Demons and Dreamers is the new project by critically lauded performance artists Fred Curchack and Laura Jorgensen, known far and wide as purveyors of strange and wonderful theater. The five plays which make up the program—Dream of Katan, Sotoba Komachi, The Bird-Catcher in Hell, Shunkan in Exile and Hagoromo—will...

Lear jets

19 years ago by Shannon Sutlief
It's said that people spend the first half of their lives looking toward the future -- imagining who they'll be, what they'll do, what they'll be, who they'll do -- and the second half looking back at the past. Whether they see life's great sorrows and failures or its triumphs...

The ego and Mr. Chickan

23 years ago by Jimmy Fowler
Just three months into the gig as Dallas Observer stage critic, I found myself in a peculiar situation: hiding from the performer I was about to review. I wasn't alone when I arrived at the opening night of performance artist Fred Curchack's latest one-man symphony, The Comeback of Freddy Chickan:...

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