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Hank Williams JR

Saturday, June 22, 8:00PM @ Choctaw Casino Resort

Hank Williams III

13 years ago by Rob Patterson
You gotta give Hank III credit for being almost all things to all people. To some, he's the genetic reincarnation of his grandpa. Or he's as much an appealing contrarian as his dad, Hank Jr. He's even the ultimate country punk--a soused and pilled-up Gen XXX nightmare inflicted on NashVegas...

A Night of Racism, Patriotism, and Homophobia with Hank Williams Jr.

5 years ago by Amy McCarthy
Driving up U.S. 75 toward Durant, part of me was excited about seeing Hank Williams Jr. live. I knew that he was an arch-conservative, a bit of a racist, and probably too old to be any good, but there is always something exhilarating about seeing and hearing songs from your...

Hank Williams Will Never Get Out of I Saw the Light Alive

3 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Have you ever considered the fact that, in 1951, Hank Williams actually wrote "Hey Good Lookin'"? That, for the first 175 years years of American history, those words and that melody weren't already part of our shared heritage? Williams didn't just pluck it out of the air, of course. Cole...

Music Picks: Johnny Hallyday, Hank Williams Jr. and More

5 years ago by DC9 at Night Writers
Johnny Hallyday 9 p.m. Thursday, May 15, at House of Blues, 2200 N. Lamar St., 214-978-2583 or, $45-$78 Serge Gainsbourg may have been the "Dirtiest Man in Pop Music," but when it comes to pop longevity, Johnny Hallyday has always held a special place in the hearts of the...

Ryan Turner On Hank Williams, Kenny Chesney and The Problem With Modern Country

8 years ago by Darryl Smyers
Opinionated, but still down-to-earth, Austin's Ryan Turner is the epitome of an old-school country singer. He prefers Merle Haggard to Kenny Chesney any day, and believes most popular country singers have simply lost their way. Turner has just released a new EP called Sweet Time, a five-song affair that showcases...

Hank Williams Jr.'s Classics Couldn't Overcome His Discourse in Dallas

4 years ago by Brian Peterson
Hank Williams Jr. Verizon Theatre, Grand Prairie Saturday, September 5, 2015 Hank Williams, Jr. played at Verizon Theatre on Saturday night, but aside from the smart-phone users in the audience and the unexceptional lights show, the whole episode was straight out of a decades-old memory. Some anachronisms are expected, even...

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Ariana Grande, John Oates and More

4 days ago by Diamond Rodrigue
School's out for the summer, which means plenty of you can get your concert jollies on. Go big with Ariana Grande at  American Airlines Center on Tuesday night or catch a family-friendly free show at The Rustic on Friday night with Esther Rose. John Oates, Rude King and more pad...

21 Things To Do in Dallas This Week

2 days ago by The Mixmaster
Thursday Sanadora: Women’s Healing Theater, A Stage Trilogy showcases the healing roles that women play. Each woman character is a curandera (healer) whose pilgrimage examines three scenes tied together by a labyrinth, a pilgrimage and a voyage, which point out the inability to change destiny, unconditional love and a look...

Hank III

16 years ago by Rob Patterson
It's not easy being Hank Williams. Number one suffered a pained back and an ambitious hellcat of a wife in Miz Audrey, among other travails, before shuffling off this mortal coil. Two took a header off a mountain onto his face after years of being dressed up and paraded across...

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