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Local Hub, the Beloved Deep Ellum Bicycle Shop, Is Closing its Doors

17 days ago by Alex Gonzalez
It’s a sad month for Dallas cyclists as a favorite local bike shop prepares to shut its doors. After four years of operating in Deep Ellum, Local Hub has announced that it will close Dec. 22. Founded by Kristie Holt, Local Hub opened in December 2015. Since its opening, Holt...

What Government Inflicted on the City, Why Can’t It Redress?

18 days ago by Jim Schutze
In a neighborhood with problems, the last thing anybody needed was a big, bad abandoned building. Something like that is a scary billboard warning people away. All the more appalling for the owner of it to have been the public school system, whose No. 1 priority ought to have been...

Lancaster Brothers Spread Their Wings to South Dallas

1 day ago by Dalila Thomas
No one wing is created the same. When brothers Romello and Roland Truitt came together to start their restaurant Wings World, they wanted to create a product that represented what they liked. As is turns out, a lot of other people liked it, too. From opening the first Wings World...

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Post Malone

2 days ago by Tyler Hicks
A shaky iPhone camera steadies on a glorious sight: 24-year-old Austin Richard Post, cloaked in black and dripping with jewelry, is vibing to the stylings of Canada’s finest, Shania Twain. While Twain serenades the American Music Awards crowd with the boppiest of bops (“Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”) Post...

The 19 Best Things to Do in Dallas This Week, Dec. 9 – 15

4 days ago by Dallas Observer Staff
Monday, Dec. 9 Caroling in the Arts DistrictCaroling in the Arts District Ah, caroling, that holiday tradition in which groups of strangers come to your home or accost you on the street and sing Christmas songs at you until you give them money. How is that legal? Seriously, robbery at...

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Ariana Grande, the Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony, CHON and More

4 days ago by Jacob Vaughn
There are plenty of great acts to see this week, but let's start with the free ones. You can catch The Funky Knuckles at Three Links or the Revelers Hall Band at Revelers Hall this week at no cost if you're looking for something light. But if you're looking to...

Stephan Courseau Responds to ‘Servant Restaurants’ Article

7 days ago by Stephan Courseau
Editor's note: On Tuesday, restaurant critic Brian Reinhart wrote an essay about the rise in the number of what he called “servant restaurants,” those high-price places that primarily cater to extremely rich customers, and what that rise means for the city's restaurant industry. (It's not good, he contends.) Not everyone shared...

The 2019 DOMA Issue: The Year in Dallas Music

9 days ago by Eva Raggio
It wasn't all bad — 2019, we mean. Sure, politics were a trash fire; tensions over policing, gender and economic inequality hit Dallas as hard as anywhere else; and if we don't manage to throttle one another before, the climate crisis is standing by, ready to kill us all. (Ten...

What Happens When You Buy Green Energy?

11 days ago by Meredith Lawrence
A few years ago, Dallas resident Adam Evans signed up for a 100% renewable energy plan in his home. This is an option available to Dallas residents who can select completely or partially green energy sources for their electricity. Evans worries about the United States' fossil fuel usage, and he...

The 10 Best Free and Cheap Events Happening in Dallas This Weekend, Nov. 29 – Dec. 1

14 days ago by Alex Gonzalez
Friday, November 29 Vitruvian Lights: Lighting Ceremony 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 29 Vitruvian Park Free-ish This Friday night, Vitruvian Park transforms into a magical winter wonderland. Enjoy a beautiful lighting ceremony, along with a performance by the Jordan Kahn Orchestra, free pictures with Santa, gourmet food trucks and more. Movie...

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