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Texas Gov. Abbott Moves to Lt. Gov. Patrick’s Right on Gun Control

6 days ago by Stephen Young
A week ago, Texas, and the rest of the country, got their first look at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's evolving priorities on guns, gun violence and domestic terrorism through a series of executive orders issued by the governor. While there was a decent amount of meat in Abbott's eight decrees...

Does City Hall Fear White Riots in Amber Guyger Trial? Really and Truly?

10 days ago by Jim Schutze
Let’s play a game called, “What is Dallas so worried about?” The city has ordered all of its cops not to take time off beginning this week for the duration of the trial of former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger. Guyger, who is white, is accused of murder in the...

100-Plus Shots, 4 Drive-Bys and 2 Glocks Equal 5 Years to Life for Dallas Man

15 days ago by Stephen Young
At least Rafael Rubi is a bad shot. That's the best that can be said after Rubi, a 24-year-old Dallas resident, pleaded guilty last week to participating in four separate drive-by shootings over a two-month span in Dallas during the spring of 2018. Tuesday, federal officials announced that they'd tied...

With New Filings, Amber Guyger’s Defense Comes into Focus

1 month ago by Stephen Young
On one level, the whole thing's absurd, that there are so many legal questions to argue about as we approach former Dallas Police Department Officer Amber Guyger's murder trial. The facts are not in dispute. Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean almost a year ago, as Jean hung out alone...

The 21 Best Things to Do in Dallas, August 12-18

1 month ago by Observer Staff Writers
Monday, August 12 NorthPark AutoShowYou call this an auto show? Where are the booths selling ShamWows, the conversion vans, the hordes of grubby children leaving sticky fingerprints all over polished metal bodies? Where are the hot women in short dresses extolling the virtues of anti-lock brakes? Oh, this is the...

Let’s Meet the Judges Set to Leave a Trump-Sized Stamp on Texas for Decades

1 month ago by Stephen Young
Whatever happens over the next 15 months, whether President Donald Trump gets reelected and continues his slow-burn destruction of American political norms or a Democrat wins the White House and immediately begins trying to throw 2017-20 way down the memory hole, one piece of the president's legacy that will endure...

Texas Bar Owner Starts a Controversy After Making Bands Play the National Anthem at His Venue

1 month ago by Christian McPhate
Peace of Blues guitarist Kepha Arcemont had planned a night of guitar slinging at Canyon Road Barn & Grill reminiscent of his guitar hero, Jimi Hendrix, slaying the stage 50 years ago at Woodstock. A lanky, white-haired 59-year-old, Arcemont has been a fan of Hendrix since he was a teenager...

After Lengthy Effort by DMN and NBC5, Dallas Police Release Video of Tony Timpa’s Death

2 months ago by Meredith Lawrence
The Dallas Morning News and NBC5 won a three-year campaign Monday for the release of Dallas Police body camera footage showing the last minutes of 32-year-old Anthony Timpa's life. The video shows the events of the detainment and death of the unarmed man on Aug. 10, 2016. According to the...

Ted Cruz Gets Humiliated on Camera. Again.

2 months ago by Stephen Young
Maybe Sen. Ted Cruz's battle with big tech is more personal than we thought. Sure, he can wail to his heart's content about supposed anti-conservative bias on the part of Facebook, Twitter and Google. Maybe that's what he's worried about. Or maybe Cruz is looking out for No. 1 and...

Dallas Activist May Be First Labeled ‘Black Identity Extremist’ by FBI

2 months ago by Jacob Vaughn
Rakem Balogun and his son were asleep in their apartment early one December morning about two years ago when they woke up to the sound of a crash. Balogun, a North Texas activist, got out of bed and walked into his living room. From where he was standing, he couldn't...

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